Weiβritter progress report

January 6, 2013 at 10:38 pm

It’s been a while since I’ve worked on the Weiβritter. I started off modelling in 100% nurbs before realising that it just isn’t efficient, so I’ve switched back to polys and have dramatically sped up the progress. Currently modelling is about 70% complete. It’s at a really fun stage now where I can soon start putting the pieces together and posing and adding awesome textures. Modelling is a grind and I have to keep grinding till the very end!

I’m aiming to surpass the quality of the Ex-S, but that means there’s still ALOT of work to be done. ETA should be around end of Jan if I keep it up. Can’t wait to finish this!


New Dai-2-Ji SRW OG Screenshots

May 24, 2011 at 9:26 pm

Here are some much better screenshots of OG2. Also thanks to Mangudai for sharing this link to famitsu which contains all the screenshots, you can see all the screenshots here There are some really interesting robots making a return. I have the screenshots below with some comments to make.


An unknown pilot with the name S.ZLAI is piloting a robot which appears to be DaiRaiOh (or I think precisely it is the Jin Rai) from Alpha 3, with the only difference being in Color.

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Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Taisen OG!!!!!!!!

May 18, 2011 at 8:03 pm


Today is one of the most exciting days ever! Super Robot Taisen is finally coming to the PS3 !!!!!!! you dont know how long I’ve been waiting for this (T_T) and what’s more, its gona be the sequel to Original Generations!!!!!! RaAAAGHHHH I feel enormous energy surging from my body as I type this! It must be over 9000!


This will be the biggest game in the world, seriously. The game is going to be the usual 2D but with high res graphics, drawing power from the mighty PS3! I can’t even begin to think how good this game is going to look. I’m getting goosebumps already…


OG – Yes – OGGG!!! you know what that means??? Alteisen, Rein Weibritter, Zenger, Cybaster, Valsione, SRX – TOO MANY TO NAME ->  is going to be in High Res with all new attack animations!!! Damn! I am dying to play this game.


Release date not know yet, but will be this year sometime. That means we will get it within 6 months! Hooray!! Let the countdown begin! Life’s exciting when there’s a newSRW to look forward to =)


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SRWZ OST Disk1 is up

April 20, 2011 at 11:06 pm

The hype these days are all about the latest release of Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Taisen Z. But lets not forget that the music equally as compelling! Although this OST isnt of the PSP game, 90% of the tracks are the same. To this day I’m still flabbergasted with the sheer awesomeness of SRW Z2, really it has surpassed my expectations in almost every way. It makes SRW Z1 for PS2 look like a joke. Just looking at the cast you can tell its a bit rediculous. I mean, how can you use all those units when you can only deploy 15-ish units to battle? Well, guess that’s why I will be playing it twice if not 3 times =)

For now, you can download disk 1 of SRWZ OST which is mainly tracks from the more Old School series such as Mazinger and Getter Robo. With the exception of Gundam X which I suppose is slightly newer. Check it out here

Dai-2-Ji SRWZ and FF Distant Worlds

April 18, 2011 at 9:27 pm

It was such an eventful week I really don’t know where to start! SRWZ came out last thursday and I went to watch the much hyped Final Fantasy Distant Worlds Orchestra on the 15th.

I Have to begin with Final Fantasy (Sorry SRWZ!) because its not that it’s more awesome or anything, but SRWZ is still in progress I can elaborate that more in the future. Last friday I attended what could possibly be the best orchestra I’ll ever watch in my entire life. Final Fantasy finally came to sydney and performed at one of the most amazing halls in the world – The Sydney Opera House! Not only that but Nobuo Uematsu himself was there – That really made my day and as the music started playing I felt like I wanted to cry.


I really love the setlist as it began with my favourite song – To Zanarkand. Yeah no wonder I wanted to cry (but just to make it clear, I didn’t shed a single tear =)) Now I wouldn’t want blurry eyesight because I really can’t miss a second of all the exciting stuff happening on stage! As they played through each song, a large screen behind would display clips of various FMV’s and in-game clips. After Intermission a guest vocalist by the name of Kanon was called to stage to perform Suteki Da Ne. I didn’t know what to expect as I never heard of her before and in Japan there are alot of mediocre female vocalists, but as she sang the first few words she instantly won my heart. Her voice is soft/soothing and above all VERY powerful. So good that I thought she nailed Suteki Da Ne which is a really hard song to sing. I could go on and on about her voice but lets move on, there’s alot to cover and I have to play SRWZ right after writing this entry.


Another interesting song was the chocobo medley, this medley had the chocobo theme all the way from the first FF’s all the way to 14, very interesting to see the enhancements of graphics as it progressed through the different FF’s, I really enjoyed this song =). The last song for the ending credits was Terra’s theme and they took the 3D night scene from the intro to be used as the clip – I rekon Markuz wouldve gone crazy if he saw it…too bad he didnt get to go.


Last but not least it was time for encore, and was there a song which i have yet to mention? that’s correct, they saved the best for last (tho not my favourite) – One Winged Angel. I thought the crowd just went mad when they announced it because Nobuo was on stage too at that time. Arnie Roth (conductor) asked Nobuo out to sing the chorus, Nobuo’s responce was like “yeah sure thing… as if dudeeeee” hehe really funny guy! It was just a really fantastic way to end the night, they used the cloud vs sephiroth fight from advent children for the entire song which was really epic. I just really wanna thank Arnie and the sydney symphony Orchestra for delivery such a great performance, pretty much flawless and also the one and only Nobuo Uematsu living legend for writing these amazing songs =)

This was also my 4 year anniversary gift to my Bhibi. We enjoyed every second of it ^^

Shot taken from our seats just before it started


Now onto Dai-2-Ji SRWZ – OMG!! its soooooooo good!!!! 100x better than the previous SRW games on the PSP. Because this one was actually made for the psp! not just a dodgey direct port or anything like that. OMG Gurren Lagaan Giga Drill Breakerrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!! Just having Gurren Lagaan in the game makes this game one of my favourite SRW’s, he’s just so fun to use, so incredibly powerful and his moves just look soo good. I’m extremely impressed with the way they excecuted the Giga Drill Breaker, it looks very very similar to the anime, See below for a quick example..


Giga Drill breaker from the Anime

Giga Drill breaker from SRWZ (very crap video but best I could find)

So as you can see this is indeed a hell of a game! I think its time to get right back to it, keep you posted as I drill through all the enemies with my 500 ton drill.

SRW ‘finally’ coming to PS3?

April 6, 2011 at 9:55 pm

Sorry I’ve been writing so much about SRW lately, but don’t blame me, I’ve caught the SRW fever and it can’t seem to stop! It really can’t get much more exciting than this, with just over a week left for the release of Dai-2-Ji Z for PSP, producer Takanobu Terada hinted that a new Super Robot Taisen title will be revealed after the release!!


Now this is really exciting news, we all know a SRW for ps3 has been a working title for a while, could this time finally be a PS3 release?? Lets not set our hopes too high as time and time again it turns out not to be the case, such as the announcement of SRW L for DS, then SRW Z for PSP. But NOW the spotlight could finally turn to the PS3! Again I’m just speculating here, though it’s highly possible, fingers crossed!


On another note, Banpresto and Bandai have apparently merged. Banpresto was the developer of the SRW series while Bandai did most of the gundam series. This could further hint that a PS3 SRW could very well be in production! And despite the merger, the SRW series will continue to carry the Banpresto label – which is awesome =), gota love that gundam visor logo!

Example of a gundam visor: below (see it now? >D)