Starcraft battlecruiser – made from paper

March 20, 2013 at 11:12 am

Battlecruiser papercraft complete

Recently I got into papercrafting after seeing the really inspiring Princess Zelda life size model. Drawing from my cardboard display experience, I thought it shouldn’t be too difficult but rather more time consuming since it all required manual labour. So I decided to take the challenge and secretly build a Starcraft battlecruiser for chibi =). I gave myself 1 week for this project as I couldn’t take the risk having chibi enter my room because I knew I was gona make a big mess and she’d find out for sure! So off to work I go and there wasn’t a single minute to waste.

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Burpy does Corridors of time, at last

March 4, 2013 at 1:37 pm

I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, at last Burpy has covered one of my favourite OST’s of all time – Corridors of time! Good things take time and are certainly worth waiting for like Super Robot Taisen OG2. Arranged by non other than the Burpstar himself, this in my opinion is by far the most impressive cover I have ever seen. Listen to it without watching the video and it sounds like several different instruments playing together. What makes this cover so good is that it stays true to the original OST (like all his other covers), almost like a replica, but all done on a single acoustic guitar. How he does the drum beats, bass notes, and melody notes all with just that right hand of his is beyond me >D.

Thanks to Burpy for fulfilling my request and I think all Chrono Trigger fans totally need to see this. He’s sent me the tabs which unfortunately I won’t be sharing but I’m going to try learn it minus the drum beats which are impossible lol.

Replaying Chrono trigger on iOS

December 12, 2011 at 10:07 pm

Chrono Trigger came out on iOS 4 days ago and I just had to get the game pretty much imediately as if it was first released. I’ve been talking about this game pretty much all my life. I get asked alot about which is my favourite final fantasy series. Well you know what? my favourite final fantasy series is Chrono trigger! Screw FF, why do we need to talk about FF before CT?!


After finishing the game over 10 years ago, CT simply lives on in my life. From the gorgeous graphics to the heavenly harmonic tunes, there has never been a month (ok a day may be exaggerated) where I don’t think about CT. It was CT that got me started playing guitar. The first guitar song I ever learnt was ‘Radical dreamers’ and to this day, it remains as my favourite guitar song. Then there’s Zeal Palace and the hundreds of thousands of remixes out there. All in all, i just can’t stress about how excited I am with this release.

With it being in my iPhone, I basically have the best RPG ever with me at all times no matter where I am. And sadly, this is the only way I could ever play it. Not quite sad though, as the experience is phenomenal. Square did an excellent job porting the game to the iOS. Everything just fits the screen nicely and the touch controls work the way it should. Not sure why the game is nearly 600Mb though as the original snes game was only like 32Mb or something. But I ain’t complaining, It’s worth the 500Mb allocation on my iPhone and will permanently stay there forever =)


CT lives!


PS Vita Rainie Yan stuff up

October 30, 2011 at 9:32 pm

I had such a good laugh when I first read about this. During a Press conference in Taiwan, Spokeswomen Rainie Yan (a Taiwanese celebrity) was there for the media. During her time on stage she was asked what her favourite playstation game was. She replied to the crowd “my favourite game is Super Mario Bros” – a Nintendo game ^^”. Her answer wowed the crowd at the press conference so to divert the attention she started posing with the PS Vita held to the media for pictures. However only to make matters worse, she accidently held it upside down. Buahaha! this girl obviously has no clue about games =P

“Hi, I’m Rainie. This is the new PS Vita and I love playing Mario”



The evolution of Alteisen

June 23, 2011 at 9:34 pm

With the release of the first PV for OG2, I couldn’t help but write this blog entry. The feeling is like falling in love all over again, and it’s already the 3rd time. Banpresto has released the first PV for OG2. It is really short and not as exciting as their usual full length PV’s, but one thing caught my attention and captured my heart and I really thank them for doing so. Towards the end of the PV they showed off Alteisen’s trademark move – “The Revolver Bunker” as a final teaser. Alteisen being my favourite robot, it’s not hard to see why I would be this excited over it.

So having said that, I will show you the history of Alteisen, from the very beginnings of my first love all the way to the current PV that has won my heart all over =)

First Love – Alteisen Riese from SRW Impact, the very first appearance of Alteisen. From nearly 10 years ago I instantly knew this was gona be one of my favourite robots of all time. From the extremely detailed design to having the entire aresenal of weapons and cool looking moves, not to mention the music, I thought his performance was simply jaw dropping. Indeed, back then this sort of graphics was incredible.

Second Love – Alteisen Riese from SRW OGs, the 2nd major appearance of Alteisen. I have lost count how many times I have used the Revolver Bunker in the game, watched it on youtube and even, watching it on my computer. I was extremely excited that the revolver bunker finishes with a Dynamic Kill (meaning they explode during the attack as oppose to after it). Graphics wise, a major major improvement from Impact. Simply awesomeness.

Third Love – Alteisen Riese featured in SRW OG2 promo Video, the 3rd and latest major appearance of Alteisen. Do you finally understand why my excitment is off the charts? Damn! Banpresto just had to tease me this way! using Alteisens Revolver Bunker as the final scene to end the PV, It’s simply out of this world! Look at how beautiful it looks, with the camera panning and revolving all around him, sometimes you really forget you’re watching a 2D animation. 9 years later from his first appearance, he has come a long way, it really has been an incredible journey =).

SRW OG2 first PV

June 23, 2011 at 7:58 am

Incase anyone hasn’t seen this, check out this  awesome PV. It only shows short glimpses of the in-game battle animations but ends with a full battle sequence of Alteisen’s awesome Revolver Bunker! I had always wondered how the 3D looking backgrounds will look since it is still essentially 2D.


You can see the buildings are still 2D sprites that change in size along the vanishing points. What’s interesting though is that the ground appears to be a full 3D plane, straying away from the traditional layered parrallax ground having the foax 3D effect that has existed since the first SRW game. It’s still difficult to see the full potential of this 3D effect from the PV, but once the game is out, we will be able to taste it in Full HD =). Really can’t wait.