Replaying Chrono trigger on iOS

Chrono Trigger came out on iOS 4 days ago and I just had to get the game pretty much imediately as if it was first released. I’ve been talking about this game pretty much all my life. I get asked alot about which is my favourite final fantasy series. Well you know what? my favourite final fantasy series is Chrono trigger! Screw FF, why do we need to talk about FF before CT?!


After finishing the game over 10 years ago, CT simply lives on in my life. From the gorgeous graphics to the heavenly harmonic tunes, there has never been a month (ok a day may be exaggerated) where I don’t think about CT. It was CT that got me started playing guitar. The first guitar song I ever learnt was ‘Radical dreamers’ and to this day, it remains as my favourite guitar song. Then there’s Zeal Palace and the hundreds of thousands of remixes out there. All in all, i just can’t stress about how excited I am with this release.

With it being in my iPhone, I basically have the best RPG ever with me at all times no matter where I am. And sadly, this is the only way I could ever play it. Not quite sad though, as the experience is phenomenal. Square did an excellent job porting the game to the iOS. Everything just fits the screen nicely and the touch controls work the way it should. Not sure why the game is nearly 600Mb though as the original snes game was only like 32Mb or something. But I ain’t complaining, It’s worth the 500Mb allocation on my iPhone and will permanently stay there forever =)


CT lives!


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  1. I had no idea you were that big of a fan! Yeah, CT is one sick game. My bro knows nothing about games, and even he bought CT on the iPhone XD. I gave it a go, and indeed, the controls were done really well. I love how the analogue stick appears when you tough the screen instead of just being there permanently. I never knew the game took that much space, though. The *cough* rom *cough* must have only been around 4MB. Not that I’d know, because I have a legit copy of the game (*3*)~

    “Screw FF, why do we need to talk about FF before CT?!”
    Because there’s FF VI =).

  2. hi there!

    I don’t know exactly how I ended up in your blog (i think i was searching for King Zeal images on google), but I read your description and thought I’d leave you a comment.

    I don’t know if u’ve heard of it, but the japanese invented a pretty cool “toy” that they call the “Kurata”. It’s basically a big robot with a cockpit where you can sit and control it. It reminds me of Magiteks from FFVI. It’s pretty awesome =) and you can even customize it by asking them to paint it in a certain way. Unfortunately it is quite expensive as well, but oh well, maybe someday it will be affordable!

    Anyways, here’s the link to their website!


  3. CT is definitely The best game of all time, Chrono Cross is also not bad because the music is awesome, i still have all CD and Consol PS one for it, dragon quest VIII is a must have too, character design same as CT by Akira Toriyama, actually i love all RPG lol

    but the one most repeated to replaying is Suikoden II for me. almost 4 times

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