Burpy does Corridors of time, at last

I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, at last Burpy has covered one of my favourite OST’s of all time – Corridors of time! Good things take time and are certainly worth waiting for like Super Robot Taisen OG2. Arranged by non other than the Burpstar himself, this in my opinion is by far the most impressive cover I have ever seen. Listen to it without watching the video and it sounds like several different instruments playing together. What makes this cover so good is that it stays true to the original OST (like all his other covers), almost like a replica, but all done on a single acoustic guitar. How he does the drum beats, bass notes, and melody notes all with just that right hand of his is beyond me >D.

Thanks to Burpy for fulfilling my request and I think all Chrono Trigger fans totally need to see this. He’s sent me the tabs which unfortunately I won’t be sharing but I’m going to try learn it minus the drum beats which are impossible lol.


  1. Wahhh… that was beautiful :3 I agree, it’s really amazing!! Glad you got Burpy to cover it ^^

    Also looking forward to you playing it too!!

    1. haha more like glad Burpy covered it. I’ve asked him to do several songs already without much success. He always has a ton of songs lined up…

      I hope I can play this, it’s so awesome =)

  2. Lol…this reminds me of when you got me to play ‘Tori no Uta’ and how I haven’t touched my piano for, like, over 2 years now or something. (T.T)

    1. Can’t believe u havent played in 2 years!

      Tori no Uta was unforgettable man, you should record it and post on youtube =D. You should start a Piana channel like burpy’s.

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