Wow…BEST Zeal remix ever!

I was doing some browsing last night and to my surprise, I stumbled across this absolute masterpiece! If you played Chrono Trigger, you would’ve heard of the amazing piece called “Kingdom of Zeal“. When I first heard it, it immediately made an indelible impact. Time has passed though, lots of remixes of it have been… Continue reading Wow…BEST Zeal remix ever!

SRWZ OST is Complete

Currently up to stage 42 in SRWZ2. The cast is just too massive, I don’t even know who to deploy to battle because there’s just too many units I want to use. So I’m planning to stick to a certain squad for my 1st run and will switch to the other squad on my 2nd… Continue reading SRWZ OST is Complete

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SRW OG OST is complete!

Happy to announce that all 118 tracks have been translated and uploaded! Also added pilot / robot and theme reference to all relevant tracks. It’s now really easy to find =) go ahead and look for Alteisen’s theme!   Also implemented anchors on the page for quick navigation as I thought the page was getting… Continue reading SRW OG OST is complete!