Burpy does Corridors of time, at last

March 4, 2013 at 1:37 pm

I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, at last Burpy has covered one of my favourite OST’s of all time – Corridors of time! Good things take time and are certainly worth waiting for like Super Robot Taisen OG2. Arranged by non other than the Burpstar himself, this in my opinion is by far the most impressive cover I have ever seen. Listen to it without watching the video and it sounds like several different instruments playing together. What makes this cover so good is that it stays true to the original OST (like all his other covers), almost like a replica, but all done on a single acoustic guitar. How he does the drum beats, bass notes, and melody notes all with just that right hand of his is beyond me >D.

Thanks to Burpy for fulfilling my request and I think all Chrono Trigger fans totally need to see this. He’s sent me the tabs which unfortunately I won’t be sharing but I’m going to try learn it minus the drum beats which are impossible lol.

Wow…BEST Zeal remix ever!

April 27, 2011 at 8:05 pm

I was doing some browsing last night and to my surprise, I stumbled across this absolute masterpiece! If you played Chrono Trigger, you would’ve heard of the amazing piece called “Kingdom of Zeal“. When I first heard it, it immediately made an indelible impact. Time has passed though, lots of remixes of it have been made. Some great, most weren’t. But THIS!! omg, this professional remix by Maya labelled “Stratosphere” – its amazing, everything is ‘right’ about it from the start to finish. It’s how Zeal is meant to sound. So so so calming, heavenly, as if I’m actually there. The nostalgic melody has conjured tears in my eyes – I wish I was there…
Now to refresh your memory, take a look at this gorgous picture of Zeal.

Now check out the song below, listen to it and imagine that you’re actually there. Hope you will like it as much as I did =)