SRW OG2 first PV

Incase anyone hasn’t seen this, check out this  awesome PV. It only shows short glimpses of the in-game battle animations but ends with a full battle sequence of Alteisen’s awesome Revolver Bunker! I had always wondered how the 3D looking backgrounds will look since it is still essentially 2D.


You can see the buildings are still 2D sprites that change in size along the vanishing points. What’s interesting though is that the ground appears to be a full 3D plane, straying away from the traditional layered parrallax ground having the foax 3D effect that has existed since the first SRW game. It’s still difficult to see the full potential of this 3D effect from the PV, but once the game is out, we will be able to taste it in Full HD =). Really can’t wait.


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