New Dai-2-Ji SRW OG Screenshots

Here are some much better screenshots of OG2. Also thanks to Mangudai for sharing this link to famitsu which contains all the screenshots, you can see all the screenshots here There are some really interesting robots making a return. I have the screenshots below with some comments to make.


An unknown pilot with the name S.ZLAI is piloting a robot which appears to be DaiRaiOh (or I think precisely it is the Jin Rai) from Alpha 3, with the only difference being in Color.


Hugo and his Cerberus is making a return! and it looks gorgerous. Cerberus was one of my favourite mechs in MX. Not sure whether Garmreid will is gona be in it, but that would be almost cheating. It was a monster from my memory.

A girl by the name of Aielu pilots a robot called “fuikerai gaisuto” (not sure what the proper english is). Appears to be a Gespenst with the bottom half looking like Alteisen and the top half like Weibritter. Interestingly, it appears to have the exact same Revolver Stake as Alteisen (Trust me it’s exactly the same, I remember from doing the 3D model =P).

And finally there’s Alteisen Riese. Yeap Riese, as this is a sequel to OG. I am a little saddened that the original Alteisen may not be in it as its just really fun to start off with before gaining its upgrade. I can only pray that it is an unlockable unit or some sort. Alteisen Riese though…looks menacing. Can’t wait to use it!

And here are the other Gespenst MK-II units. Yes they are weaker units but gota love their designs. Fantastic units to use at the start of the game. They deserve all my respect.

There are still lots of units I haven’t mentioned. But as you can see, this is turning out to be a Monster hell of a game. With Jin Rai and Cerberus Ignite (2 main originals) joining forces with the already amazing OG squad, one can only hope for the villains to put up a good fight =)




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