Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Taisen OG!!!!!!!!


Today is one of the most exciting days ever! Super Robot Taisen is finally coming to the PS3 !!!!!!! you dont know how long I’ve been waiting for this (T_T) and what’s more, its gona be the sequel to Original Generations!!!!!! RaAAAGHHHH I feel enormous energy surging from my body as I type this! It must be over 9000!


This will be the biggest game in the world, seriously. The game is going to be the usual 2D but with high res graphics, drawing power from the mighty PS3! I can’t even begin to think how good this game is going to look. I’m getting goosebumps already…


OG – Yes – OGGG!!! you know what that means??? Alteisen, Rein Weibritter, Zenger, Cybaster, Valsione, SRX – TOO MANY TO NAME ->  is going to be in High Res with all new attack animations!!! Damn! I am dying to play this game.


Release date not know yet, but will be this year sometime. That means we will get it within 6 months! Hooray!! Let the countdown begin! Life’s exciting when there’s a newSRW to look forward to =)


Here’s some images



  1. Jaychan i felt the same when i saw the news its my most wanted game for ps3 since the promo of BD version of SRW Inspector was guessing it was for ps3 but didnt expect to look so good! If u guys want to discuss or just talk about srw drop by #otoko-nihon on rizon!!

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