The next major 3D Gundam Project

First of all, I’m sorry for the really quiet week. I’ve been busy, and no I wasn’t sleeping. It was my birthday =). I thought I would give myself a personal holiday and just do what I want to do, things that I wouldn’t consider very productive. I’ve been watching movies, playing games, listening to music etc. T’was a good break and thanks to all those who celebrated with me, especially my Bhibi.


But now play time is over. It’s back to business as usual. My gundam mind has agreed with my graphics mind in that we have chosen our Gundam for the next major 3D gundam development. I’m extremely excited about this. It will be the sequel to Alteisen. I’ve set my goals pretty high this time. Judging from what I accomplished with Alteisen, I believe I am ready to take it to the next level.


  • For this next gundam, I hope to optimize the polygon structures and by doing so, I hope to be able to increase the detail by 2 folds.
  • I hope to get much better at texturing and to do it properly this time. Using textures to increase details as well as material realism.
  • I hope to improve on my lighting rig with more advanced lighting placements and settings.

So the one question remains – What gundam is it going to be?

Why don’t you take a guess? The image below is the only hint I’m giving away. Should be pretty easy for gundam fans. But can you guess what gundam it is? =)


Answer to be revealed next week, when development officially commences!


  1. Looking forward to it =). But, will your Gundam model be able to stand up against mine???????????

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