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Hey its been a while since the last post, its already May, Yay! I’ve been busy sleeping recently! Sydney’s weather has been pretty dreadful the past week – Cold, dark and windy. These are the 3 factors that cause drowsiness (well to me at least). So yeah, been pretty busy – sleeping. Even my poor rabbits are shivering, hope they don’t die.


Anyway, I’ve added 2 features to the site. Both are very standard features which should be part of the site from the start, but hey it’s still a WIP. so they are:

  • header at the top is now clickable – linking back to the homepage
  • Search field implemented on the nav bar to the far right.

The search box still requires a little bit of styling but at least it works perfectly and is in the right place.

I’ve also quietly added in a new gallery featuring all the pilot images from SRW Z. An awesome collection of 200+ pilot portraits in transparent png format. I ripped these myself from the game! Click here to check it out


Here’s some examples below. I chose Faye Xin Lu who pilots the GranTrooper because there’s something about her that I really like. I think maybe its because she looks a little bit like Saber from Fate Stay Night. They sort of have similar hair styles and personalities, maybe I like those kinds of characters.

Character from GravionGravion - Faye Xin Lu


Thats it for now!

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