Some updates to the blog

A few minor updates and enhancements to the blog. Fixed Navigation dropdown lag issue Changed header slightly Added FB & Twitter share function Hyperlink mouse over color changed to a light red New layout for Music pages (theres nothing on the parent music page yet) Reduced loading time – This ones for Ray =) #UPDATE:… Continue reading Some updates to the blog

Significant changes to Gallery

Wow, things are actually progressing in this blog, big pat on the back to myself for staying committed =). Another massive overhaul, but this time to the gallery pages, making it much more hierarchical and organised as well as some really great features! Some new features include the addition of ‘albums’ which act kind of… Continue reading Significant changes to Gallery

Small refresh to blog

Don’t be surprised if you see bizarrely strange things happening, such as the really ugly comments section =P. I’m working to give the back-end a major overhaul. It doesn’t look like much has changed, but I’ve spent nearly an entire day porting my layout over to a new template. This is one of the steps… Continue reading Small refresh to blog

Layout upgrade

As you can see the layouts changed again. I tried to simplify it to make it less busy and less of an eyesore. Theres still tons of work to do, like the links and buttons and still tons of glitches around the site. *sigh* when will I finally have a proper looking site that I… Continue reading Layout upgrade