Significant changes to Gallery

March 28, 2011 at 11:12 pm

Wow, things are actually progressing in this blog, big pat on the back to myself for staying committed =). Another massive overhaul, but this time to the gallery pages, making it much more hierarchical and organised as well as some really great features! Some new features include the addition of ‘albums’ which act kind of like categories. Not so effective at this stage as I only have 1 album called ‘Super Robot Taisen’ but hopefully more will be added. Another great feature is the use of breadcrumbs allowing for really easy navigation. Gota love breadcrumbs!


Again, all of this is to make the site more user-friendly moving forward. No point having content when its hard to find and access!


Along with these changes is an additional Super Robot Taisen artbook – Secret Hanger. This one’s amazing I have to say, it features hand drawn illustrations of pretty much every single original generation robot! yes that includes my beloved Alteisen, Weiss Ritter, Cybaster and Valsione. It’s also got some character drawings which I must say are pretty below standard in todays world. However the robots look absolutely awesome and so does this picture of Lune Zoldark! (pilot of Valsione).


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