SRW ‘finally’ coming to PS3?

Sorry I’ve been writing so much about SRW lately, but don’t blame me, I’ve caught the SRW fever and it can’t seem to stop! It really can’t get much more exciting than this, with just over a week left for the release of Dai-2-Ji Z for PSP, producer Takanobu Terada hinted that a new Super Robot Taisen title will be revealed after the release!!


Now this is really exciting news, we all know a SRW for ps3 has been a working title for a while, could this time finally be a PS3 release?? Lets not set our hopes too high as time and time again it turns out not to be the case, such as the announcement of SRW L for DS, then SRW Z for PSP. But NOW the spotlight could finally turn to the PS3! Again I’m just speculating here, though it’s highly possible, fingers crossed!


On another note, Banpresto and Bandai have apparently merged. Banpresto was the developer of the SRW series while Bandai did most of the gundam series. This could further hint that a PS3 SRW could very well be in production! And despite the merger, the SRW series will continue to carry the Banpresto label – which is awesome =), gota love that gundam visor logo!

Example of a gundam visor: below (see it now? >D)


  1. haha so fun when there are fun things to look forward to ^_^ Hope the news is true this time 😀 I know how much you’ve been wanting it.

        1. yeah! thought it was obviously though =P

          lol well it aint exactly masking anything, visor is a cooler term hehe. But I see where you’re coming from, it sorta looks like tuxedo masks ‘mask’

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