Finally playing Dai 2 ji Super Robot Taisen OG!!

January 18, 2013 at 4:56 pm

Dai 2 ji super robot taisen OG

I cannot contain my excitement. I was so desperate to start playing this game that I caught the train to my bros house after work to pick it up. And I’m glad I did because this is already shaping up to be THE BEST super robot taisen I’ve ever played!

Only 10 scenarios in and I’ve lost count how many times my jaw has hit the ground. My mind is literally fried, not from the 45 degree record heat today, but from the lethal mind blows (my mind) from the lethal blows of the the most crazy attacks I’ve ever seen. And that’s just the start…so far:

Alteisen – Absolutely blew my mind, I use his attacks over and over. BUNKER!!

Gespenst MK-II – Simple grunt unit but amazing full force attack!

Valsione – Cross Smasher! Pretty much a HD version of the already amazing attack.

Dai Zengar – My god his Zankantou is so epic, words cannot describe. Massive large sword, flys across setting sun, brutal slice…so badass!

Gungrust – Looks MASSIVE and shiny

Granveil – iconic shoulder fire canons burns everything to ashes!

Still so much more to come…

– Cerberus Ignite

– Garmraid Blaze


– Cybaster

– Rein weisritter

– KouRyuOh

Damn too much to name!

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to =P

Some late afternoon shots at my backyard

January 10, 2013 at 7:49 pm

It was a nice sunny afternoon so I decided to take go for a short practice shoot at my backyard. You never know what you may find even though you’ve been to the place more times than you could imagine. To my surprise, I found these pegs lined up in a nice straight line. Shallow depth of field sure is a nice thing, though I think I could’ve increased it just a touch.

sunset pegs



You may have noticed that the blog theme has changed also. I’m just experimenting with a new layout as I got bored of the old theme lol. Also my lens should be arriving anytime now! can’t wait to try it out so I can post some more variety of shots ;P

Weiβritter progress report

January 6, 2013 at 10:38 pm

It’s been a while since I’ve worked on the Weiβritter. I started off modelling in 100% nurbs before realising that it just isn’t efficient, so I’ve switched back to polys and have dramatically sped up the progress. Currently modelling is about 70% complete. It’s at a really fun stage now where I can soon start putting the pieces together and posing and adding awesome textures. Modelling is a grind and I have to keep grinding till the very end!

I’m aiming to surpass the quality of the Ex-S, but that means there’s still ALOT of work to be done. ETA should be around end of Jan if I keep it up. Can’t wait to finish this!


Table Tennis – brings back great memories

January 5, 2013 at 12:25 pm

I recently had a reunion at the table tennis table at Ray’s with my uni mates which was pretty nostalgic. However, table tennis and I go way back, all the way back to primary school. I never thought I’d bring this baby out again, but was really inspired to after having such a great time at Ray’s. However, my goal this time is not to train myself up, but passing on the baton to my little bro. I was around his age (11 or so) when I first started so I’m gona train him up to be an even better player, teach him all my super moves etc.

Gota love table tennis

Happy 2013!

January 2, 2013 at 11:14 am


Well it has been a year already. It feels like every year is getting shorter as more and more is happening. 2012 has been a great year and I wish it lasted just a little longer =).

Some things worth remembering in 2012:

  • Japan trip – Best trip ever in my life
  • Bro got married/Bali trip
  • Chibi’s cooking adventures. Yummy =)
  • Bought my 60D DSLR w/ accessories
  • The 2 of us photo shoot adventures
  • Adelaide trip
  • Finished Ex-S gundam
  • Drove down to Melbourne


Now comes 2013, but before that, lets see how I scored on my 2012 resolutions!

  • Model Ex-S gundam and deepstriker  – Ex-S Gundam was completed but did not even attempt the DeepStriker. 4/10
  • Plan Japan/HK trip again (I’ve decided I want to give HK a visit too! should be an amazing trip) – The best well planned, most enjoyable, exciting and fantastic trip ever. 11/10
  • Learn more Japanese – Learnt Hiragana and Katakana and that Fushigi means mysterious, buta means pig, Doko des ka? sumimasen, Itotsu, futotsu, futari etc. Pretty good. 6/10
  • Become much much stronger. Do cross-fit training. Gym at least 3 times a week – I kept at it for much of the year but slacked off towards christmas. Good but not good enough. 5/10
  • Become an excellent squash player – Don’t think I improved that much but it has been incredibly fun! 7/10
  • Draw more (since I didnt do much last year) – Did 1 painting of Erika Toda, that’s nowhere near enough. 1/10
  • Eat well. And that means less junk food, more fruit+veg, water, whole grain, protein – Ate pretty well for much of the year but Japan, Bali and xmas brought my wellbeing all the way back down. 2/10
  • Learn more about photography. Thanks to my cousins for giving me an awesome Nikon camera. I will make the most out of it and become more pro with photography. – Wasn’t even part of my plan to purchase a DSLR but I did and I’m glad. Photo shoot adventures brought lots of fun! 9/10
  • And finally – Play Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Taisen OG!!!!!!!! release already Damnpresto!! – At least it was finally released!! but won’t be in my hands till some time in early 2013. Partly not my fault but remains a fact that I didn’t play it. 5/10

So tallying it all up I got a score of 50/90! That’s 55.5%. Woohoo I passed my new years resolutions test! It’s a terrible score still. Gota do better next year. It’s important to stay focused! Just wear a hat all year round and you’ll be right.


So here’s my 2013 New years resolutions:

  • Model at least 2 gundams with painted backgrounds and improved texturing
  • Improve photography skills and continue to go on photo shoot adventures
  • Set up a Karaoke home entertainment in my room down at the back
  • Continue playing squash
  • Become a better cook (Jaychan’s cooking adventures? haha)
  • Total revamp of my portfolio, done with proper planning and commitment
  • Be able to do 20 sets of cross fit! (it’s a tough one!)
  • Plan an awesome road trip
  • Draw more – I say this every year but there doesn’t seem to be more!
  • Improve guitar skills with at least 5 songs mastered.
  • Setup my table tennis table and re-master the unstoppable Final Revolution
  • Blog more!
  • And if I have time, do a dive from out of space or something.

Happy 2013 and hope everyone will have a fun and prosperous year!

Just a quick experiment with flash

November 17, 2012 at 11:08 pm

I’m trying to get a better understanding of flash photography. Before my 430EX II arrives, I wanted to first get a bit of practise. I just went and grabbed some fruit (yeah we always have lots of fruit lying around..) and placed them on a well lit table next to the window. Now the typical problem will be that the table surface and the background will tend to be properly exposed, leaving the back of the orange and parts of the banana under exposed. Applying a bit of flash as a fill light could solve that problem. So I did the test only by using the built-in flash on my 60D and the result was quite satisfying. It brought out the details and brightened up the shadows. Except the problem is you could see some specular highlights on the orange and clearly a 2nd light source is present as you can see 2 areas of light on the orange. The 430EX II could solve this problem with it’s larger and more powerful surface light area to create a softer fill light. Will find out Wednesday!