Black friday…indeed

June 13, 2008 at 10:18 pm

I think im starting to believe in black fridays, because today cannot have gotten any worse ~~”. hmm ok heres my depressing story:

After work, i normally walk to Artarmon train station to catch the train. But today, i decided to walk to St Leonards to pick up an MX since i wasnt in a rush to go home. Once arrived, i checked my pocket and guess what… ok, here we go, you ready for it? ……. I left my wallet at home! so what does this mean?, it means im stranded in St leonards station (which require train ticket to pass through), with no money, no bank card, no ID, 60km from home, no one to call up for help, and of course NO train ticket!

So you’re wondering, how can i be home and able to write this entry? you thought i’d be dead by now, lol. Well its simple actually, i walked back to Artamon station, where theres no ticket gates, and caught a train extremely cautiously back to Padstow….Thank goodness i didnt get caught, but boy….it wasnt fun ~~”

*oh and guess what? i forgot to pick up an MX!

blog is almost up and running

June 9, 2008 at 12:16 pm

Those of you who happened to stumble accross this blog, congratulations for finding out, because i have not officially announced it yet =P. Boy having this blog really makes things alot easier, i dont have to open up dreamweaver and edit my index page, attaching and uploading pictures etc. But it wasnt all that easy setting up, chibi and i spent some time putting the layout together and its all starting to turn out the way i want. thanks chibi ^^.

but it isnt all finished yet, still putting some finishing touches here and there so wont be long till its all up n running! so stay tuned =)

As something extra, Chibi and i drew something really cute. Its a miniture doll version of Saber and Shirou, Chibi drew Saber and i drew Shirou (which was alot easier….lol) hehe, dont they look great.

Cosplay photoshoot

June 7, 2008 at 5:14 am

Today my one piece cosplay crew had a little reunion and (half of us) decided to dress up once more for a photoshoot at some strange park. Emily and Ray found this park but at that time they didnt know it actually costs 7 dollars to park inside! oh man…there goes 7 dollars parking ><. This whole week had been raining so we were kinda concerned, but luckily! today turned out to be an alright day with a sun here and there to brighten up our day =).

Never thought i’d dress up as Zoro again…or at least i never planned to, the costume is so uncomfy and the wig makes my head itchy. But i guess it was kinda fun to dress up along with the others and get to be the character once more time. Ray pretty much looked the same, since he IS luffy, Andi looked quite different because he forgot his shoes, Spencer looked….a bit different because he wore a different wig, but still feels like last time somehow ~~”, and Miko looked the slightly different with longer hair, as for me? im not sure, havent seen the photos yet, haha.

will get the photos later and i’ll post some up. Thanks ray for bringing the camera, it was awsome, and Emily for making all that food, they were nice.

My Graduation

June 6, 2008 at 1:48 am

Yayyy, i finally graduated! this means, no more tests, no more study, lectures, tutorials, and of course no more assignments!……actually, i couldve said this 6 months ago =P. As unimportant as it may sound, graduation does mean alot to me. Its probably the last time everyone in BDM will get together in one place (not like we were always together at uni…but yeah), some faces will probably never be seen again, so its great to see everyone dressed up in that smart looking gown.

Too bad our graduation ceremony was the 6:30pm one, which means alot of families turned up really late and it was already very dark to take photos. Wish i had taken more pictures with my family as they arrived really late, especially my bro who came at 6.

Thanks to those who turned up to my graduation, and goodluck and congratulations to all those now with a Bachelor of Digital Media degree =).

Blog coming Soon

June 5, 2008 at 5:47 pm

Coming Soon. Stay tuned!