Finally playing Dai 2 ji Super Robot Taisen OG!!

Dai 2 ji super robot taisen OG

I cannot contain my excitement. I was so desperate to start playing this game that I caught the train to my bros house after work to pick it up. And I’m glad I did because this is already shaping up to be THE BEST super robot taisen I’ve ever played!

Only 10 scenarios in and I’ve lost count how many times my jaw has hit the ground. My mind is literally fried, not from the 45 degree record heat today, but from the lethal mind blows (my mind) from the lethal blows of the the most crazy attacks I’ve ever seen. And that’s just the start…so far:

Alteisen – Absolutely blew my mind, I use his attacks over and over. BUNKER!!

Gespenst MK-II – Simple grunt unit but amazing full force attack!

Valsione – Cross Smasher! Pretty much a HD version of the already amazing attack.

Dai Zengar – My god his Zankantou is so epic, words cannot describe. Massive large sword, flys across setting sun, brutal slice…so badass!

Gungrust – Looks MASSIVE and shiny

Granveil – iconic shoulder fire canons burns everything to ashes!

Still so much more to come…

– Cerberus Ignite

– Garmraid Blaze


– Cybaster

– Rein weisritter

– KouRyuOh

Damn too much to name!

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to =P

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