The 2 of us – Australia Day

It’s photo shoot time again! This time I got to experiment with some really exciting new gear and techniques. Originally we planned to goto Milk beach, a beach hidden by cliffs and bushes but due to the distance and heat, we ended up going to Shark Bay which was packed! It’s Aussie day after all so it wasn’t really the best time for a photo shoot. We had to move locations once more and ended up on Vaucluse beach which was nothing short of…well..plain. Despite that we had a great time with the whole beach to ourselves.

A new gear was introduced to this session! It is the Canon 70-300 f/4-5.6 IS USM tele zoom. This lens was really fun and produces some really sharp images. (Also very useful at the beaches as well…if you know what I mean). Today was forecast to rain but thankfully most of the day was a steady bright overcast sky which was perfect for portraits =). The IS is absolutely fantastic, I can’t imagine a tele lens without this feature. You can clearly see the shake reduction through the view finder, it’s like magic. Like other reviews I’ve read, extending it all way to 300mm does result in a softer image, but still pretty sharp and good enough for my needs. I won’t hesitate to zoom all the way if I need to.

So here are some of the pics of the day, all taken with the 70-300.

Australia Day 2013-26

Australia Day 2013-3

Chibi holding some bamboo leaves from an interesting bamboo tree we found next to the beach.

Australia Day 2013-6

Australia Day 2013-8

Australia Day 2013-10

Australia Day 2013-11

^ Love this shot! Got lucky I guess 😉 ^

Australia Day 2013-15

^ Some interesting oyster shells ^

Australia Day 2013-19

After that we went to do some kiting as there was a bit of breeze. We managed to get our dragon kite off the ground and high into the air for a few seconds before it came crashing down. This was due to the limited space we had and the inconsistent wind speed. Our search continues for a windy and spacious kiting area.

Australia Day 2013-24

And to finish off the day we had Ramen at Ippudo for dinner before watching the Australia Day fireworks at Darling Harbour which was spectacular. It was a really exhausting day but we took alway with us some precious memories =)


  1. Some really pretty shots there ^-^ I’m sure you’ll have plenty of more fun with your new lens 🙂 (AND YES JACKY I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN.)

    heheee.. Thanks for the amazing day and taking me to Ippudo <3 The kite was also a fun experience~

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