Happy 2013!


Well it has been a year already. It feels like every year is getting shorter as more and more is happening. 2012 has been a great year and I wish it lasted just a little longer =).

Some things worth remembering in 2012:

  • Japan trip – Best trip ever in my life
  • Bro got married/Bali trip
  • Chibi’s cooking adventures. Yummy =)
  • Bought my 60D DSLR w/ accessories
  • The 2 of us photo shoot adventures
  • Adelaide trip
  • Finished Ex-S gundam
  • Drove down to Melbourne


Now comes 2013, but before that, lets see how I scored on my 2012 resolutions!

  • Model Ex-S gundam and deepstriker  – Ex-S Gundam was completed but did not even attempt the DeepStriker. 4/10
  • Plan Japan/HK trip again (I’ve decided I want to give HK a visit too! should be an amazing trip) – The best well planned, most enjoyable, exciting and fantastic trip ever. 11/10
  • Learn more Japanese – Learnt Hiragana and Katakana and that Fushigi means mysterious, buta means pig, Doko des ka? sumimasen, Itotsu, futotsu, futari etc. Pretty good. 6/10
  • Become much much stronger. Do cross-fit training. Gym at least 3 times a week – I kept at it for much of the year but slacked off towards christmas. Good but not good enough. 5/10
  • Become an excellent squash player – Don’t think I improved that much but it has been incredibly fun! 7/10
  • Draw more (since I didnt do much last year) – Did 1 painting of Erika Toda, that’s nowhere near enough. 1/10
  • Eat well. And that means less junk food, more fruit+veg, water, whole grain, protein – Ate pretty well for much of the year but Japan, Bali and xmas brought my wellbeing all the way back down. 2/10
  • Learn more about photography. Thanks to my cousins for giving me an awesome Nikon camera. I will make the most out of it and become more pro with photography. – Wasn’t even part of my plan to purchase a DSLR but I did and I’m glad. Photo shoot adventures brought lots of fun! 9/10
  • And finally – Play Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Taisen OG!!!!!!!! release already Damnpresto!! – At least it was finally released!! but won’t be in my hands till some time in early 2013. Partly not my fault but remains a fact that I didn’t play it. 5/10

So tallying it all up I got a score of 50/90! That’s 55.5%. Woohoo I passed my new years resolutions test! It’s a terrible score still. Gota do better next year. It’s important to stay focused! Just wear a hat all year round and you’ll be right.


So here’s my 2013 New years resolutions:

  • Model at least 2 gundams with painted backgrounds and improved texturing
  • Improve photography skills and continue to go on photo shoot adventures
  • Set up a Karaoke home entertainment in my room down at the back
  • Continue playing squash
  • Become a better cook (Jaychan’s cooking adventures? haha)
  • Total revamp of my portfolio, done with proper planning and commitment
  • Be able to do 20 sets of cross fit! (it’s a tough one!)
  • Plan an awesome road trip
  • Draw more – I say this every year but there doesn’t seem to be more!
  • Improve guitar skills with at least 5 songs mastered.
  • Setup my table tennis table and re-master the unstoppable Final Revolution
  • Blog more!
  • And if I have time, do a dive from out of space or something.

Happy 2013 and hope everyone will have a fun and prosperous year!


  1. wahh..Happy New Year Maki ♥

    Great blog entry too! (Glad you didn’t become lazy like me and just post photos and no words, XDD) I think it’s a nice wrap up entry and a great one to start the year 🙂 I think you should also put in there.. BLOG MORE REGULARLY. XD

    hehe, but overall, great stuff 🙂

  2. Happy new year Bhib ♥

    Thanks! lol It’s like you’re lazy when I’m not. That’s a good point, I shall add that in lol. Seems like 2013 will be a busy one!

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