Evangelion 3.33 is stuck in my head (contains spoilers)

So I have just finished watching the highly anticipated 3rd film of the Rebuild of Evangelion Tetralogy. I am always fascinated by how Hideaki Anno’s works somehow manages to completely absorb your mind and taking it to another place, it’s like it sucks your mind into the work itself. I have experienced this feeling many… Continue reading Evangelion 3.33 is stuck in my head (contains spoilers)

Mount Annan Botanic Gardens

Chibi and I spent Anzac day down at Mount Annan Botanic Gardens for a nice relaxing photo shoot session. I love to read up on photography techniques and try them out each time, I think that’s how we get better at it. So this time I paid extra attention to the shutter speed and used… Continue reading Mount Annan Botanic Gardens

Easter Sunday at The Entrance

Back-to-back day trips can be quite taxing to the mind and body especially when you have to do all the driving and carry around a 3kg DSLR kit all day long. Thankfully I possess super human powers developed through hours of strenuous workouts each week making this a piece of cake, we’re talking about 20… Continue reading Easter Sunday at The Entrance

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