Evangelion 3.33 is stuck in my head (contains spoilers)

May 1, 2013 at 8:49 pm

So I have just finished watching the highly anticipated 3rd film of the Rebuild of Evangelion Tetralogy. I am always fascinated by how Hideaki Anno’s works somehow manages to completely absorb your mind and taking it to another place, it’s like it sucks your mind into the work itself. I have experienced this feeling many years ago when I first watched the original NGE series, but 3.33 has brought it all back and I can honestly say it is the best Evangelion yet. Even though this film is clearly fictional and whatever event takes place in it should be no concern to me whatsoever, that doesn’t stop me pondering all day long asking myself “why did this happen? what the heck is that thing? what is the purpose of this etc” and I think that is the beauty of Anno’s works. Although it can be extremely frustrating, I think however, that is what makes people going back for more.

So that is how I feel after watching the film. I was excited when I started watching it as I thought that finally alot of my questions will be answered from 2.22, except I was left with even more questions by the end of it! I’m sure everyones concern for the final film 4.0 will be the same as mine, that is, hoping that everything to the every last detail will be explained. Somehow, I think that’s not going to happen, but if Gainax wants to avoid death threats for the 2nd time, they better at least give us a good ending!

Now to the actual film, It is absolutely incredible from the start to finish. The graphics are arguably the best that we’ve ever seen from any anime, but instead of writing a review, I’ve decided I’m just gona write down a list of questions just because that’s about the only thing that’s stuck in my mind right now. Please don’t mind the language, I think there isn’t a more appropriate way to begin an Eva question than by using WTF, so here goes:

1. W(hy)TF is Shinji trapped inside a tessaract and only to be found and rescued 14 years later from outer space?

Shinji tessaract

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Evangelion 2.22 You may (Not) Advance

September 8, 2010 at 10:50 pm

Just finished watching the 2nd film of the Rebuild of Evangelion series.

I dont want to write a long blog entry, instead, I’ll summarize my thoughts with just a few bullet point notes. No spoilers, so don’t worry.

• This ranks in the Top 5 of my  favourite movies  of all time, its definitely high up there.

• Just as good if not better than the original Evangelion series.

• Its a movie, so the pace is really fast making it really enjoyable throughout the entire movie (i.e. less whinging from shinji)

• This is the by far the best looking animation – Evangelion has set a new standard in anime. (just like the original series did back then)

Thanks to Hideaki Anno for making such an amazing movie! There aren’t many movies that get me this excited these days…

I can’t wait for Evangelion 3.0!  and speaking of Eva’s, they will be making an appearance in the upcomming Super Robot Taisen L! woohoo!

Asuka – good looking as always

Shinji – same old shinji

Eva Unit 01 – breaks the sound barrier while sprinting

Avatar in IMAX 3D

January 26, 2010 at 11:22 pm

Happy Australia Day! What could be better to celebrate this special day than watching Avatar in IMAX 3D?? well to answer that question, if there was another movie just like avatar, but having gundams instead of stupid slow helicoptors and mechwarriors >D. Anyway, today Chibi and I finally watched the film, and i must say its right at the top of my favourite list of films of all time. By now i think everyone wouldve watched it already so i’ll just say a few personal thoughts, but if you havent, i dont want to spoil anything so come back and read it some other time =).

Firstly, the most impressive element i think is the 3D environment and the art direction. My favourite part is when Jake learns the way of living of the Navi, which gives us all a tour through their home and surroundings. I know its just 3D but its simply breathtaking, it just makes even the real scenery around this planet look bland.

Storyline was fantastic too, two thumbs up from me, not gona talk about it too much, i have no negative comments.

This film took 10 years in the making, i think thats an awfully long time…squeezing 10 years of work into 2.75hrs. They even developed a new language just for the Navi can you believe it? But i think it was all worth the effort, they probably made their money back anyway =P.

So if you havent watched the film (and if you are still reading this entry regardless of spoilers), then i suggest you dont wait any longer. stop reading  and start watching!!

P.S if they developed gundams by then, the Navis wouldnt stand a chance..