Evangelion 3.33 is stuck in my head (contains spoilers)

So I have just finished watching the highly anticipated 3rd film of the Rebuild of Evangelion Tetralogy. I am always fascinated by how Hideaki Anno’s works somehow manages to completely absorb your mind and taking it to another place, it’s like it sucks your mind into the work itself. I have experienced this feeling many… Continue reading Evangelion 3.33 is stuck in my head (contains spoilers)

Avatar in IMAX 3D

Happy Australia Day! What could be better to celebrate this special day than watching Avatar in IMAX 3D?? well to answer that question, if there was another movie just like avatar, but having gundams instead of stupid slow helicoptors and mechwarriors >D. Anyway, today Chibi and I finally watched the film, and i must say… Continue reading Avatar in IMAX 3D