Took mum to do the Coogee to Bondi walk for Mothers Day

My parents love bushwalking and scenic walks so this year we organised a family trip to do the Coogee to bondi coastal walk for mothers day. It was a really nice day and a warm one for mid autumn. I also got to try out my new DSLR backpack which allows me to carry more and distribute the weight to both shoulders.

So we began our walk at Coogee.

Mothers Day 2013-25

Mothers Day 2013-37

I’ve never done this walk before so I was quite fascinated by how amazing the scenes look.

Mothers Day 2013-39

Mothers Day 2013-68

My dad loves getting involved in difficult alternative routes so he attempts to follow my brothers down this rock cliff. Don’t let age stop me! I respect that.

Mothers Day 2013-77

Sonny Sandra and mum sensing something beyond the cliff. Meanwhile a cockroach makes his way up. Now that’s rock climbing.

Mothers Day 2013-90

Mothers Day 2013-108

Alan and Sonny competes for the longest seated dips. Winner – Draw

Mothers Day 2013-117

We compete for the longest horizontal pole suspension. Winner – Me. There was no competition lol

Mothers Day 2013-130

We compete for the most chin-ups in one go. 1st place – Me 12, 2nd place – Sonny 10, 3rd place – Alan 5, 4th Place – Raymond – 1. My dad claims he could do 20 in his youth days so we have a long way to go…

Mothers Day 2013-136-3

Mothers Day 2013-165

And we finally arrive at Bondi. My poor mum has been surrounded by these monkeys her whole life. But hey there’s Sandra who doesn’t climb and my chibi soon =).


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