26th B’day + awesome my cake!

It was a very special birthday this year, not because I’m 26 but because of everyone who made it special. This year, chibi made me the best cake I’ve ever received in my life! It was an amazingly elegant Tiramisu. She even took Friday off work and spent the entire day working on it. I can’t describe how much I appreciate this but this is something I’ll never forget for the rest of my life. Thanks so much Bhib!! <3

Jacky 26th Bday-26

Jacky 26th Bday-30

Jacky 26th Bday-58

Yummmm…Tastes as good as it looks =D~. She spent 6-7 hrs working on this and made everything from scratch. You can see her work in progress here.

After eating the cake with my family, we then met up with some uni friends and did a joint karaoke + dinner event for chibi and I.

Jacky 26th Bday-32

We all have slightly different personalities >D

Jacky 26th Bday-34

Jacky 26th Bday-53

Jacky 26th Bday-65

And finally we had dinner at Suminoya where we competed to produce the tallest and brightest flames.

Jacky 26th Bday-91

Jacky 26th Bday-94

No flames? o_O….fail

Jacky 26th Bday-95

So tender and juicy….if cooked correctly lol. We wasted a few pieces as they were overcooked.

Jacky 26th Bday-98

And here’s our second cake of the day, this one shared with chibi =). Thanks everyone for making this such an awesome day. If only everyday was like this. Also thanks for the presents, they’re exactly what I needed! I will treat them with extra care.


  1. Happy Birthday Sweetheart 😀 <3 Glad you like the cake ^^ Hopefully I'll get better with practice and won't need an entire day to make one, heehe! More celebrations ahead 🙂

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