Easter Sunday at The Entrance

Back-to-back day trips can be quite taxing to the mind and body especially when you have to do all the driving and carry around a 3kg DSLR kit all day long. Thankfully I possess super human powers developed through hours of strenuous workouts each week making this a piece of cake, we’re talking about 20 sets of crossfit! =D No, I’m kidding, it was still quite tiring…but thankfully this day was extremely relaxing as chibi and I enjoyed a stroll along The Entrance with a bit of sight seeing, photography manga reading and pelican feeding.

The Entrance 31_3_13-31

Lovely overcast day without any rain resulted in very cool and calm conditions, perfect for photos =)

The Entrance 31_3_13-50

Wilfred Barrett Drive

Chibi next to grass

Chibi next to a tree

The photo above has to be one of my favourite shots of all time. I love the pose, composition, lighting and my awesome model chibi ^_^

Strange bird

A very strange bird/penguin I saw. Never seen this type before but I thought it looked reallllyyyy cool. This could be a legendary Pokemon.

Pelican feed at The Entrance

And last but not least the main event, pelican feed. Nothing spectacular but still an interesting sight where all the long beaks point to middle where the guy is.

Pelicans close up The Entrance

And that is all sticky beak =P


  1. haha yeah it was really nice lighting for pictures!! Too bad it also means the background is a bit dull and colourless at the same time ^^;; Some great photos and really relaxing ^^ Should’ve brought a tent and had a snooze too, eheheh

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