Gundam modelling goal – reached

Long ago I said I was going to embark on a long journey, one that seems to stretch far away and seems almost never ending. But before I did, I needed the nessesary items and that’s when i started making excuses “I need a better computer, I wanna finish super robot wars first, maybe after I purchase a property”. So after completing all my excuses, I finally decided took my first step and before I knew it, I’m at my destination, heck, forget about the journey, it’s the destination that matters now!

I present you my gundam 3D illustration – PTX-003C Alteisen.



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Alteisen, although not exactly a gundam, is possibly one of my favourite mecha’s of all time, which is why I chose to model it. I just love everything about this mecha, the color, the style, the background, the pilot, the weapons, and definitely it’s theme music (I have it as my ringtone =P).

I based the modelling off my 1/144 Kotobukiya model but drew alot of reference from the original illustrations from Kazue Saito and also official images from the game. Then I went on to customize it slightly to give it a little bit more detailing.

All modelling and rendering done in Maya. I started off from bottom to top, modelling by eye before I realised the proportions where way off.

So it was then I started to do a little bit of porportion correction using image reference.

What took particularly long was the head, as I found it was crucial to have the correct anatomy, otherwise it just doesnt have that gundam look.











Overall this project took a little over 2 months, I would jump straight into Maya as soon as  got home from work and stay up till 12-1am. It was pretty exhausting, but I’m happy with the results =)

So what’s next? don’t worry, I have something even more extreme coming up, but until then, I hope you like this 3D illustration of Alteisen! – he’s just pure awesome >D.



  1. THAT IS AMAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZING :D! It looks so so awesome ^_^ I love all the detail and all the reflective shiny bits in particular. So please you were able to complete this 🙂

  2. That’s a really amazing model =D! It sounded and looked like hard work for sure. When you put in the hours and get results, that’s always awesome.

    “I have something even more extreme coming up”
    Zomg, you’re finally going to make a 3D model of me =O!?

  3. Das ist genau das wollte ich aus einer langen Zeit tun wie Sie haben wirklich einen guten Job mit dem Schrott. Ich muss sagen, dass Gundam könnte hier besser sein und es ist recyclingfähig Eigenschaft machte es einen guten Stück Alteisen zu einer Robbo davon machen .. halten Entsendung Ihre wunderbaren Blog und Fotos.

  4. Wow… 😀
    That’s one cool Alteisen… maybe even better than the real one ^^b
    By the way, can I offer you a help to turn it into real? 🙂

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