Nagi from Supercell – Has amazing vocals

Very rarely does a singers vocals catch my attention, normally I enjoy listening to the song as a whole. However, I recently came across something really exceptional. Nagi from Supercell has really nice vocals! Its clean and pure, cute but not cute to the point where it sounds like the song is for kids. It’s soft and calming, but powerful and rocking!! I’ve yet to come across something that sounds this amazing! There’s so many Japanese female vocalists out there with a cute voice but thats all they have – a cute voice. Nagi’s is unique, its really versatile, the softness is almost like Rei Ayanami from Evangelion, but then switch to power mode it sounds like she can reach any pitch with an oomph!

So who is Nagi?? I don’t know, I couldn’t find any pictures of her, all the covers are in cartoon style.

Although there are many female vocalists I like, I have to say Nagi’s voice has already become one of my favorites. I just love her voice so much. Sound is really subjective and I don’t think it’s everyone’s preference. Still I think its worth checking out =)


Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari intro.mp3



    1. Yeah Melt is an insane song, Just how does she reach such high vocals? Nagi’s just amazing =) almost like a vocaloid herself, but much better of course.

  1. yea, her voice is really good. i like the song love and roll from supercell. she sounds really sexy with that voice.

  2. i apologise to the person who called her sexy, but nagi is not real, she is a vocaloid robot, edited to perfection. its amazing what technology can do, but she doesn’t exist. supercell only use vocaloid robots (normally hatsune miku), but they made a change here with nagi. thats why you can’t find any pictures. apologies. x

    1. now now, I don’t want to start labeling someone as ‘in denial’ or ignorant, but you should REALLY investigate and gather information before posting (falsely) with confidence. <– that's nagi's official website. <– fan-made page of her on Facebook. <– a rl picture of her.

      so who's this vocaloid robot you're speaking of, hmm? I think that robot is the one non-existant here. =)

  3. This is actually kinda sad, but it’s nice to find some more supercell fans. Sad because Nagi isn’t or wasn’t a full time member of supercell, but she and Ryo made a shit load of good music together.

    If you like her sound, then supercell’s two new Vocalists, Koeda and Chelly. ‘My Darling,’ that hey! referred to is sung by Koeda (Amazingly enough she’s ONLY 15). If you liked Nagi’s Singing, you’ll love what those two girls can do.

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