Unlucky start to the year of the rabbit

They say for those born in the year of he current horoscope will be unlucky. I personally dont believe in that stuff but my ear is off to a bad start…

Last week i was presented with a car fine of $344 for going past a red light…. Barely… And a week later i almost got murdered…

Yesterdat whilst walkin down george st during my lunch break, a middle eastern couple was in front of me walking rather slowly. I decided to naturally just overtake them by walking around the female partner, however for some reason the guy wasnt pleased and tried to trip me over from behind. It made me stumble slightly but frustrated me to turn around and say “why did you do that for?” after my responce he immediately escalated his violence to the next level by giving me a bit of a shove and constantly swearing at me, even the female partner was trying to calm him down. I was obviously really pissed but decided not to add wood to the fire and sort of walked away. They followed me for a bit keeping a close eye on me before turning away.

Im not being racist or anything but really?? was all that necessary? Was there not a different method to solve something so trivial other than violence? I couldnt even come to an understanding why it happened in the first place, maybe he wanted to look tough in front of his girl. Either way, i cant believe how aggressive these people are. Having experienced it first hand i can say i lost all kinds of respect for them. Violence solves nothing, something they need to learn.


  1. Damn, sorry to hear you had to go through that crap. Someone needs to run that guy over with a semi trailer. It needs to hit him from the front so that all twelve wheels will flatten him. That’ll make the world a slightly better place. Oh, yes, say no to violence (^_^).

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