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January 28, 2009 at 8:46 pm

J2 is comming, and what is that you ask? well its a complete redesign of my portfolio website and instead of it being called V2, just for some originality, i call it J2 hehe. 

Whats gona be in J2? I already have a few things in mind, but they will all be in the Visual department. I have decided to leave the technical side for another time in the future. 

so basically whats different: 

– Keeping the same look and feel but enhanced 

– Better interface responce and animation

– Quicker loading times 

– Larger screen cover area 

– Easier to navigate through portfolio section 

Dont expect it to be up anytime soon though for i have not yet started on it. But if u might miss the current one, give a visit b4 its too late ^^ 

Justice Vector challenge complete!

September 28, 2008 at 9:37 pm

Yayy finally completed the Vector drawing of Meteor Justice, and i quite like it myself ^^. Im gonna print a REALLY BIG print out of it at work because its vector i can go to as big as the universe takes it =P

Im pretty satisfied with this master copy because the lines blend it pretty well with the colors. I figured its pretty important to keep the links consistently smooth because i can affect the placement of colors. The hardest part was actually doing the line drawings because they form the entire structure of the image, so every line has to be accurate, whereas i found doing the color to be much easier, just have to fill the color between the lines which can be done pretty quick.

As i finished laying the primary colors, it actually looked pretty horrible, that made me lose confidence and motivation, but boy! after adding some simple shadows and highlights, it completely transforms the image into something else….

Anyway, this was quite a fun little project, way better than the ones at work…I hope to work on some more in the future =)

Vector robot of Alteisen

June 18, 2008 at 8:45 pm

Few weeks ago, i started doing a Vector version of my favourite robot – PTX Alteisen, dont know about it? i’ll tell you more later on, hehe. Well what i did was, i found a low res image of Alteisen and decided to challenge myself and make it vector, so pretty much it was a tracing project, trying to replicate the same thing, but in vector.

And the results? i was happy i guess, i got a very nice ‘indirect’ feedback, i’ll tell you the story =)

Just recently, i printed out an A3 size of the vector drawing (since i can go as big as i wanted to) just to see how it looks like. I was quite pleased actually, but i had no use with it since i wanted to work on it more before producing a final one. So i just left it aside on the table. Then one day a client came over to our place, and this is what happened while i was working.

Workmate: What transformer? we dont have transformers here mate.

Client: I saw one over there, here lemme show you.

Workmate: woah, whats this? Jacky, is this yours?

Jacky: ehhh, yeah it is, i was just doing some test printing of my stuff.

Client: Mate that is fantastic, would i be able to have one?

Jacky: Oh, sure just take that one if you dont mind

Client: Thanks alot! my son will love you!

Jacky: (hehe….and its not a transformer!!)

well, that made me happy i guess. If only i can draw that picture purely from my imagation, because its still just a copy. Still, im happy with the results.

Heres the picture (scaled down)