Vector robot of Alteisen

June 18, 2008 at 8:45 pm

Few weeks ago, i started doing a Vector version of my favourite robot – PTX Alteisen, dont know about it? i’ll tell you more later on, hehe. Well what i did was, i found a low res image of Alteisen and decided to challenge myself and make it vector, so pretty much it was a tracing project, trying to replicate the same thing, but in vector.

And the results? i was happy i guess, i got a very nice ‘indirect’ feedback, i’ll tell you the story =)

Just recently, i printed out an A3 size of the vector drawing (since i can go as big as i wanted to) just to see how it looks like. I was quite pleased actually, but i had no use with it since i wanted to work on it more before producing a final one. So i just left it aside on the table. Then one day a client came over to our place, and this is what happened while i was working.

Workmate: What transformer? we dont have transformers here mate.

Client: I saw one over there, here lemme show you.

Workmate: woah, whats this? Jacky, is this yours?

Jacky: ehhh, yeah it is, i was just doing some test printing of my stuff.

Client: Mate that is fantastic, would i be able to have one?

Jacky: Oh, sure just take that one if you dont mind

Client: Thanks alot! my son will love you!

Jacky: (hehe….and its not a transformer!!)

well, that made me happy i guess. If only i can draw that picture purely from my imagation, because its still just a copy. Still, im happy with the results.

Heres the picture (scaled down)