Jaychan.net J2

January 28, 2009 at 8:46 pm

J2 is comming, and what is that you ask? well its a complete redesign of my portfolio website Jaychan.net and instead of it being called V2, just for some originality, i call it J2 hehe. 

Whats gona be in J2? I already have a few things in mind, but they will all be in the Visual department. I have decided to leave the technical side for another time in the future. 

so basically whats different: 

– Keeping the same look and feel but enhanced 

– Better interface responce and animation

– Quicker loading times 

– Larger screen cover area 

– Easier to navigate through portfolio section 

Dont expect it to be up anytime soon though for i have not yet started on it. But if u might miss the current one, give a visit b4 its too late ^^