Does Super Robot Taisen Z live up to my expectations?

January 27, 2009 at 2:07 pm

I just finished Play..lets call it ‘SRWZ’ about a week ago, and i have mixed feelings about this game. I wont go and write a full review, however i’ll just express some thoughts about this game. Usually i get really excited playing a new SRW and i get tons of fun out of it, but this game is…how do i put it..a bit different? I have really high expectations for graphics and animations for srw games

There was alot of hype about this game, and it got good reviews too, and one of the hype was the graphics “being on the next level”. Unfortunately this is not what i see in this game. Kinda hard to explain, i mean i can see the graphics look great and all, but the major letdown is the ‘Animations’, yes this game has poor animations, but dont get me wrong it still looks great!, any BDM student can tell…can you tell?

– 黑獄 Final Attacks

SRW OG – G Compatible Kaiser – Overkaiser sword

After watching the 2 attack moves, I would have to say the winner is OG Overkaiser sword

Justice Vector challenge complete!

September 28, 2008 at 9:37 pm

Yayy finally completed the Vector drawing of Meteor Justice, and i quite like it myself ^^. Im gonna print a REALLY BIG print out of it at work because its vector i can go to as big as the universe takes it =P

Im pretty satisfied with this master copy because the lines blend it pretty well with the colors. I figured its pretty important to keep the links consistently smooth because i can affect the placement of colors. The hardest part was actually doing the line drawings because they form the entire structure of the image, so every line has to be accurate, whereas i found doing the color to be much easier, just have to fill the color between the lines which can be done pretty quick.

As i finished laying the primary colors, it actually looked pretty horrible, that made me lose confidence and motivation, but boy! after adding some simple shadows and highlights, it completely transforms the image into something else….

Anyway, this was quite a fun little project, way better than the ones at work…I hope to work on some more in the future =)

Back, and working on something new!

August 30, 2008 at 4:51 pm

Howdy, Its been a while since i last blogged…haha do i have to start off with this sentence everytime i make a new entry? i dont hope so. Well anyway, i’ve been pretty busy at work lately, and havent really had much time doing my own stuff, but life should be balanced, too much work is a no no.

Ive been working on a new drawing, and also been trying to relearn Maya which i havent had much luck…but will continue trying. However, im trying to improve on my vector rendering skills because i believe its very necessary to know being in this industry. Ive decided to do another master copy, a more challenging one this time.

So far ive completed a ‘rough’ line drawing of Meteor Justice and boy dont even remember how long that took. I will continue to post some more work in progress so stay tuned. next stage is to fix up all the lines and correct their thickness’s.

Is it true that nothing beats the original?

August 6, 2008 at 10:57 pm

If there was only 1gundam model that i want, it would have to be the “MSA-0011 [Ext] EX-S Sentinel Gundam
Hey its time to learn a little bit more about Jacky =). I’ll Refer it as EX-S. EX-S from memory is probably the first Gundam that i truly loved, the first that got me into admiring how awsome looking robots can be, too bad no one knows about it! No its not from an anime series, its not from some game, it was from a visual novel that never made it to become an anime series, who knows why, i havent even read the novel myself, i simply liked the design of EX-S.

It is not only the looks that makes me so attached to it, but just by simply looking at it, i feel it is the strongest robot ever to be designed (of course this is very subjective). I think if it were in a battle against Strike Freedom (current favourite), i would say EX-S would be the winner.

Is it true that nothing will ever beat the original? i mean, Ex-S was drawn in 1988!! look how awsome it is….

Oh and 1 last thing, this might make myself sound contradictive, but EX-S actually has another upagraded form, the final form of its evolution, “MSA-0011[Bst] S Gundam Booster Unit Type Plan 303E “Deep Striker

However, im kind of scared of this one, because it looks way too incredible….its almost bizarre! so im staying away from it, told u i sound contradictive, but thats just how i feel. check this out…

Vector robot of Alteisen

June 18, 2008 at 8:45 pm

Few weeks ago, i started doing a Vector version of my favourite robot – PTX Alteisen, dont know about it? i’ll tell you more later on, hehe. Well what i did was, i found a low res image of Alteisen and decided to challenge myself and make it vector, so pretty much it was a tracing project, trying to replicate the same thing, but in vector.

And the results? i was happy i guess, i got a very nice ‘indirect’ feedback, i’ll tell you the story =)

Just recently, i printed out an A3 size of the vector drawing (since i can go as big as i wanted to) just to see how it looks like. I was quite pleased actually, but i had no use with it since i wanted to work on it more before producing a final one. So i just left it aside on the table. Then one day a client came over to our place, and this is what happened while i was working.

Workmate: What transformer? we dont have transformers here mate.

Client: I saw one over there, here lemme show you.

Workmate: woah, whats this? Jacky, is this yours?

Jacky: ehhh, yeah it is, i was just doing some test printing of my stuff.

Client: Mate that is fantastic, would i be able to have one?

Jacky: Oh, sure just take that one if you dont mind

Client: Thanks alot! my son will love you!

Jacky: (hehe….and its not a transformer!!)

well, that made me happy i guess. If only i can draw that picture purely from my imagation, because its still just a copy. Still, im happy with the results.

Heres the picture (scaled down)