New Artwork – Ex-S Gundam space version

I decided to do 1 last Ex-S artwork before I move on. This time, I tried to make it as complete as possible by adding some meaning and to put it into context. So therefore I went for an anime style look with a full background painting! I had set the gundam up with a dynamic attacking pose as it is soaring through space preparing for battle. What would make this artwork even better is if there was a full battle going on in the background, but unfortunately I don’t have the resources (yet) to get to such level of detail!

I used a new rendering technique called Toon Render this time and was quite happy with the results. It means I won’t have to do everything by hand like I had done in the past! However there is still room for improvement and I kinda fudged my way through.

This will perhaps be my last Ex-S artwork and I will surely miss working on it. So I hope to make this one my best piece to date and I think I am satisfied =). However, I have many more gundams lined up and will be looking forward to creating new and higher quality ones.

Ex-S gundam space version 3D illustration


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