New artwork – Deep Striker vector lineart

I’ve been away from the gundam scene for far too long, mainly because I had to apply for a new job which is all sorted now. I also got a promotion which I’m really happy about =). My Weibritter project has been put on hold for over half a year even though it’s already 80% complete. But getting back into a big project is hard so I decided to ease my way back in by doing a simple line drawing. Only that it didn’t turn out to be as simple as I hoped!

I decided to do a lineart of my Deep Striker figure. It’s insanely detailed and I never get sick of looking at it, never. What first seemed like an easy job ended being one of the most daunting works I’ve had to grind through. It’s the sheer amount of detail. This made me appreciate the works of mecha designers even more because they’re just at such an incredible level, being able to sketch the 3D geometries and detail all from the head, really is something amazing.

Here is my Deep Striker lineart, completed in Illustrator and took exactly 13hrs to do. Hope you like it.

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Deep Striker lineart wallpaper
Deep Striker lineart (click to enlarge)


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