Weiβritter progress report

It’s been a while since I’ve worked on the Weiβritter. I started off modelling in 100% nurbs before realising that it just isn’t efficient, so I’ve switched back to polys and have dramatically sped up the progress. Currently modelling is about 70% complete. It’s at a really fun stage now where I can soon start putting the pieces together and posing and adding awesome textures. Modelling is a grind and I have to keep grinding till the very end!

I’m aiming to surpass the quality of the Ex-S, but that means there’s still ALOT of work to be done. ETA should be around end of Jan if I keep it up. Can’t wait to finish this!



    1. haha no that’s a real model! I only used it to make the entry more interesting >D

      And that’s a chibi version, the one I’m making is the standard version…

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