Japan Trip 2012 – Part 4 Final

June 11, 2012 at 3:37 pm

Well here is the final part of our trip! We finished Osaka and slowly made our way back up to Tokyo, stopping by Kyoto once again and Nagoya. It felt like we’ve seen most of Japan. But something was missing, there was a missing piece of the puzzle which we had yet found. It wasn’t until the end of our trip that we finally found it.


But first I’ll start off with the awesome events that took place before wrapping up this already amazing trip in Akihabara.

Kyoto April 15th – 5 Year Anniversary

It is April 15th, our 5 year anniversary so we decided to spend another day in Kyoto as there really was no better place. This time however, we decided to be a little more adventurous, so we hired a bike and rode all around this beautiful city. I have to give lots of credit for doing so as she wasn’t the most experienced rider, yet she made it through all the narrow streets, the crowded paths and the riverside =). Had heaps of fun that day, it was an experience like no other!

Kyoto cherry blossom bike ride

This was one of the paths we rode our bikes through. Stunning

Kyoto bike ride

Here's me and my bike!

chibi riding a bike

Chibi doing a great job!

Fushimi Inari shine entrance

We stopped by at Fushimi Inari shrine. Just when we thought we were 'templed out', Fushimi Inari was really like no other. This Shinto shrine has more torii gates than you could imagine...

Chibi standing next to the hundreds of torii

Chibi standing next to the hundreds of torii that trails all the way up the mountain.

You shall not advance

You must defeat me first if you wish to advance the thousand torii!

Ojichan drinking tea

Lunchtime! Shinkansen Ojichan needs his tea

Our 5 year anniversary

5 Year Anniversary <3 we wrap up the day with some good ramen.

Popular takoyaki store in Dotonbori

And then some amazing takoyaki. The store behind us was the most popular one. But becuase it was already getting late, nobody was lining up.

More Dotonbori-ness

More Dotonbori-ness


We spent a day at Nagoya, one of Japan’s major cities. The only place we thought was worth visiting is Osuuuuuu!! street. According to the guidebooks, this place is Nagoya’s Akihabara. We didn’t know what to expect because we didn’t know what Akihabara’s like. However, let me make this clear, this place is NOTHING compared to Akihabara (more to come later). But it was still an interesting place that has lots of clothes and toys etc.

Giant Takoyaki in Nagoya

We found this Giant Takoyaki store in Osuuuuu!!. Hard to see but it's about 4x the size of a normal takoyaki. It was sooo good. It was extremely saucy.

Kids Land in Nagoya

Kids Land in Nagoya. This place was pretty amazing. They have LOTS of stuff to buy. Even had my Alteisen Riese. I would recommend checking this place out if you ever go to Nagoya. Despite its name, it has lots of stuff grown ups would like minus the porn =P


Now this is Anime/Manga/Hentai Paradise, the missing piece of the puzzle! (minus the hentai part =P). Throughout our entire trip, we didn’t come across a whole lot of anime merchandises aside from One Piece. It felt strange that the land of anime doesn’t actually have much. Well, that’s because we haven’t been to Akihabara! Anyway this place is absolutely amazing, you can find pretty much anything here if you look hard enough. There were also lots of maids on the streets handing out flyers. I regret not buying more here because the stuff’s actually quite cheap, cheaper than HK!

Akihabara street

Akihabara street. Buildings of anime/game stuff.

Akihabara street

You'll find that the majority of the people here are guys. Not hard to see why!

Kami Ice cafe

...Since there're many maid cafe's such as this one. Who wouldn't want ice-cream made by angels!?

Posing with Rei Ayanami

And a lifesize Rei Ayanami!

Belldandy figurine

Beautiful figurines everywhere. Here's a highly detailed Belldandy.

posing next to some game character

This guy thinks he's tough. I told him to meet me at the monkey part entrance...he never came...

@home Maid Cafe.

This was a really interesting experience. Being served by pretty maids, being addressed as ‘your majesty’, request for games and chitchat, taking photos with them, doesn’t that sound like a dream? I certainly thought so. However, I actually felt a little unconfomtable as it was a little too much to take in. It’s something you have to get use to first. I didn’t even dare to go up on stage to have a photo taken with the maids. When the maid brought us the food, she told us to say “moe moe kyun” while forming a heart shape with our hands >D. I thought wth is it for??! but oh well, this is Akihabara!

@home maid cafe

@home maid cafe. Dreams come true

@home Maid Cafe membership card

I became a master >D

Akihabara in the evening

Akihabara lights up in the evening.

Gundam Cafe

This place made my trip…I don’t even know where to being to describe its awesomeness! Even Chibi who knows nothing about gundams was impressed. Everything was so impressive, especially the toilets! which provided a theatrical experience. It’s like you’re inside a gundam that’s starting up. Food was ok, just standard cafe food but it was really about the whole experience, the way they decorated the food, the interior futuristic design, the gundam music and just the attention to detail of just about everything. I want to come here again =)


Gunpla-yaki. Like Taiyaki, but gundam style

Gundam Cafe entrance

Gundam Cafe entrance. Massive RX-78 waiting for me at the door =)

Gundam Cafe meals

Gundam Cafe meals. Zeon (left) and EFSF (right) yummm!!!

Gundam Shield Pizza

Classic RX-78 shield! this thing was tough man!

Gundam Cafe bar area

Awesome futuristic design.

Gundam Cafe tables

Cosy and relaxing atmosphere. Perfect for gundam fans like myself.

Gundam Cafe Haro

And a giant Haro!! ahh I wish I could buy it!

So that wraps up our trip! We did visit some other places afterwards such as Ghibli studio but I think I’ve shown enough. Really had the time of my life here. I’m not sure If I’ll ever have a trip that surpassses this! Japan was everything I expected but more. Not everything was pretty, some of the residential areas looked really bland and dull. But the same can be said for any country. This trip wouldn’t have been this amazing without Chibi. Thanks for making this the best trip of my life. I’ll never forget it <3


  • Currency at the time: $1 buys 83Â¥
  • Number of days rained: 3-4
  • Number of times we caught the Shinkansen: 12