Project Ex-S stage 1 complete!

September 11, 2011 at 2:49 pm

This took longer than I expected but finally, stage 1 S-Gundam 3D model is finally complete!  I’m quite happy with the overall result. I paid extra attention to detail and reproduced all the logo’s in illustrator. This time I tried not to stray away too much from the original design like what alot of people tend to do, but instead I tried to accurately remodel the design from the individual parts to the textures. I want it to stay true to Hajime Katoki’s vision as much as possible.
I present you the mighty S-Gundam! Click on images for full-size.
S-Gundam 3D model wallpaper

EX-s S-gundam 3D model

Probably one of my favourite gundams of all time. What I love about S-gundam the most is how realistic the design is. Unlike modern gundams such as Exia and Freedom that uses a form of unique energy source such as the Solar Reactor and N-Jammer canceller respectively, S-Gundam uses traditional rocket boosters and fuel. It’s also highly customisable with the ability to upgrade it’s armour and weapons into what would then be known as the Ex-S Gundam.
This project took roughly 2 months but ‘stage 2: Ex-S Gundam’ should be the easiest out of the 3 stages as it’s only some additional parts. ‘Stage 3: Deepstriker’ would be the hardest due to the sheer amount of details but it should be fun!.
I will take a short break now as it has been rather mentally draining. Gundam modelling isn’t easy when you have a Full-time job and a girlfriend to take care of. But I look forward to begin my next journey soon and turn the S-gundam into it’s rightful Ex-S form. I hope to improve my 3D skills even further and create some much more detailed illustrations =)