Playing Dissidia 012 (Duodecim)

Dissidia 012 (sequel to Dissida) is finally out, and I finally have my hands on it! Having high expectations (as the first game was so good) I was really dying to play the game, and now…what do I have to say about it? 4 words – It is amazingly good! exceeded my expectations and for good reasons. First Yuna from FF10 is re-modelled in todays CG technology and she looks so good… Then there’s Lightning from FF13, enough said, Lightning is in the game. Hard to describe how good this is, watch the opening/into and you may get a glimpse why:

I also recently got this amazing Dissidia 012 poster. This was before I got the game so you could probably imagine how excited I was. It looks amazing on my wall, its about 1.8m x 1.2m.

Dissidia 012 Duodecim Poster

After all that I haven’t really talked about the game, I might leave that for another entry =)

As I was one who grew up playing Final Fantasy, this game just brings back so much great memories. Makes me really glad to be born in this generation.


And before I go, I’d just like to share this awesome Dissidia soundtrack with you. Its Epicness on a whole different level.


Download: Dissida 012 Duodecim Heroes.mp3


    1. Gota love the shot at 2:26, Yuna looks so good! Yeah the voice is a disappointment but oh well, I think her Japanese voice is better though.

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