Adelaide trip 2012

Had a great time with the cofa guys down in Adelaide last week. Tho I must admit, there wasn’t a whole lot to do down there, but hey, it’s the people that matters. My cousin gave me an awesome Nikon P7100 as a departing gift and I sure made some good use of it. Here… Continue reading Adelaide trip 2012

2012 has arrived

I shall also write a reflection of 2011 entry and see what’s in store for 2012. 2011 resolutions: Become even stronger, work even harder and more frequent at the gym than ever before – became a little stronger, but wasn’t enough! not quite satisfied. Stay healthy all year long – Was fairly healthy throughout the… Continue reading 2012 has arrived

Back from my hiatus

It’s been a while since I last blogged so I think it’s time to perform a backup of my memory incase I forget =) Firstly, gota welcome Markuz back to Oz as he returned from HK on a hellova trip – in a good hellish way. Thanks for the gundam Battle online game! I’ll see… Continue reading Back from my hiatus