Japan Trip 2012 – Part 2

May 27, 2012 at 1:15 pm

Part 1 was mainly about arriving to Japan and slowly settling in and discovering what the place is like. We did a little bit of shopping, eating and sightseeing around Tokyo, but I think personally, part 2 was where the real fun began =)

After staying in Shibuya for a couple days we finally did some proper travelling. I was really excited to see what other parts of Japan looked like. Shibuya blew me away in every aspect. It felt like a perfect city. Clean, friendly, interesting street layouts, funky shops, and a HUGE selection of restaurants and cafes. I even took some time to have a stroll around the neighbourhood whilst Chibi was still in Harajuku, wondering around mindlessly and just observing whatever I came across. It was like a real life theme park. One thing I noticed though is that everyone was like a janitor. There was always someone washing the street, sweeping the floor or wiping a window.

Well that’s Shibuya, it has certainly set the standard! But it was time to move on. We will now depart Tokyo and start making our way down south.


Bus to Kawaguchiko

We hopped on a highway bus at Shinjuku, bound for Kawaguchiko (one of the 5 lakes around Mount Fuji).

K's house

We stayed at K's House. Though it was a hostel, it was actually really nice (Pics to come later!)

When I first saw mount Fuji, I was instantly in awe by its shear size and beauty. I never thought a mountain could look this amazing!  It was so perfectly cone shaped with the upper half in snow. Photographs simply don’t do it justice because it loses the sense of scale experienced by actually being there. Gota love Fuji-san =)

Chibi in front of Mount Fuji

Chibi doing her awesome V sign with Fuji-san (which I later copied, muahaha)

Lunch at Kawaguchiko

Lunch at Kawaguchiko, served by an awesome obachan >). Gota love the eggs too!

Fujisan from Kawaguchiko bridge

Fuji-san taken from Kawaguchiko bridge

K's House Ryokan

Checked-in at K's house in the afternoon. Nice and kosy Ryokan. The TV though, was smaller than my computer's at home lol

Dinner on a kotatsu in K's House

Dinner on a kotatsu (Not katsudon Chibi!) in K's House. Sooo comfortable!

Lunch at Kawaguchiko lakeside

The next morning we had breakfast at Kawaguchiko lakeside. We bought snacks from 7Eleven.

Lunch at kawaguchiko lakeside

There's nothing like eating breakfast at the lakeside next to Fuji-San on a nice sunny day - with Chibi =)

At the top of Mount Kachi Kachi Ropeway

We caught the Mount Kachi Kachi Ropeway hoping to get a better view of Fuji-san..

Mount Fuji Panorama

And we did! Here's a Fuji-san panorama

Lake Kawaguchiko panorama

Turn to the right a little and here we have a gorgeous view of Lake Kawaguchiko. See that tiny bridge? That's the same bridge where we took pictures from earlier.

Bell of the sky

Bell of the sky <3


This machine was so awesome, it deserves at least a paragraph or two right? Anyway, I’ve aways loved Shinkansens, all the way back when I was a little kid. I loved it for the sleek shape and the speediness. But do you know what else I like about it? They were in some of my favourite mecha animes I watched when I was a kid!! (to be frank, I still love em). They quite often combine with other machines to form a super robot. Anyway, I love Shinkansens!

Dar-Garn (left) and GaoGaiGar (right). Can you spot the Shinkansen? =)

Shinkansen from Mishima to Kyoto

Have you been waiting for this? I have!! It's the Frikkin SHINNNNKANNNNSENNNNN!!!! it's the fastest thing this whole trip, faster than a bird, faster than a plane, faster than Superman, faster than Gundam Exia, faster than Usain Bolt, faster than CP3, faster than you!! It's the fastest thing ever! Did I tell you I love the Shinkansen? =)


Kamo River, Kyoto

So anyway, we caught the SHINNNNKANNNNSENNNNN!!!! to Kyoto. Here is the nice Kamo River

Kyomizudera calm pond area

We paid a visit to Kyomizudera which was by far the prettiest temple. It's famous for a reason right?

Kyomizudera looking back at Kyoto

Kyomizudera looking back at Kyoto. Can you spot Kyoto tower? =P

Nice Kyomizudera sunset shot

Nice Kyomizudera sunset shot. Cherry Blossoms have started blooming as well. Was so heavenly. ><

Arashiyama, Kyoto

This was my favourite day in the whole trip. There was so much to do in Arashiyama that we never got bored for a second!. What made it even better was that the cherry blossoms were in full bloom, simply breathtaking. The only turnoff was there were simply too many tourists that made it feel ‘less Japan’. But inspite of that, we had a really eventful time.

This is life

So let's start the day with a naisu drink!

Pink cherry blossoms

Here comes the Cherry Blossoms! These pink ones were quite rare. The majority were mainly white ones with a tinge of pink.

Bamboo Grove, Arashiyama

Bamboo Grove. Took us ages to find this place lol. Makes you wonder "can't be that hard to find right?!"

Traditional hanami picnic at Arashiyama

And my favourite part of the day - traditional japanese hanami picnic =)

Time to eat!

Normally Chibi will give me some of her share because she doesn't eat as much. Not this time though!

Cherry Blossoms in full bloom

The pretty white/pink cherry blossoms that bloom all over Japan.

Entrance to Monkey Park. You may not advance

Entrance to Monkey Park. If you want to pass through, you'd have to defeat me first...

My new buddy, I name him Son Gochan

My new buddy, I name him Son Gochan

Monkey closeup

Son Gochan doesn't look too pleased...(Give me some food!, he says)

Looking back at Kyoto from the top of Monkey Park

Panorama view at the top of Monkey Park looking back at Kyoto.

Sakura Ice-cream

Afterwards, we bought sakura Ice-cream. This was the most amazing ice-cream I've ever had in my life. We tried other ice-creams from other places, but non matched the one we got from Arashiyama.

Nishi-Kiyacho Dori

We finished the day off with a nice stroll along Nishi-Kiyacho Dori, Kyoto. A nice miniture river alongside shops and residences with cherry blossoms all along.

Super extreme cherry blossom pose!

To really finish the day, here's the super extreme cherry blossom pose! >D

Thanks for reading part 2. Part 3 will be coming shortly where we head to Osaka and surrounds =)