Development of infiniti Calluses nearing completion

November 3, 2009 at 9:59 pm

I’ve been extrememly disciplined in playing the guitar recently. I have set myself a goal previously and have been sticking to it tightly.

Playing the guitar on a daily basis has been levelling up my finger calluses. When i first started about 2 months back i was on phase 1 – which is minimal calluses but enough to play. Few weeks later i moved onto phase 2 – fingers starting to harden but is going through a painful period as it is readying for phase 3 transformation. Right now im very close to the end of phase 3 and i anticipate if i continue the rate im going, within another 2 more weeks i shall finally reach the Infiniti Phase! the phase in which calluses is so tough it wont hurt not matter how long i play. phase 3 was the furthest ive ever reached, and that didnt last long too because i stopped playing shortly after i got it. But i wont give up this time! i shall reach the infinity Phase and then conquer the world!!

Rock ‘on’