Spending Christmas at the Gold Coast

December 28, 2009 at 8:30 pm

This year for Christmas, I took Chibi along with my family up to the gold coast. We drove in our 8 seating Carnival, taking up all 8 seats and filling up all luggage space, the car was once again 100% packed so well done! My car is the best, always fits everything! The driving took roughly 10-11 hours including mini breaks and switching drivers. We had 3 drivers (Alan, Dad and myself), Alan and myself doing roughly 4 hrs and my dad 2 hrs. Its funny because out of the 8 people in the car, 7 can actually drive but only the 3 of us did all the driving lol.

After all that night driving, drifting through pitch black forests with some steep hills and tight corners (initial D style, when I am the driver) we finally arrived at Surfers Paradise, only to be raining upon arrival. So we took a gamble and see if we could check in at the hotel early, and to our surprise they left the key for us in the mail box, woohoo! all relieved we unpacked and checked in to the hotel.

Later on that day, the sky also cleared up! so we went to hit the waves down at surfers. I took Chibi down to the waters which was fun, although she couldnt swim, but it was very shallow for a long way and each wave would go all the way up to our shoulders, in other words, the beach was very nice!! I showed off some Body boarding skills, catching a wave from far out and riding it all the way back to shore, funness!!! Didn’t do much more during this day which is christmas day, because all shops were closed, so we went home early and my parents prepared a nice christmas dinner at home (thank goodness for the kitchen!) which had prawns, teriyaki chicken, spagetti and salad. thanks for making the food!

Day 2 Chibi and I went to Movie World while the rest of my family went to Wet ‘n’ Wild. It was the first time going to a Theme Park with Chibi, and what could be better than going to Movie World? The day started off raining but quickly cleared up when we got there, lucky again! Chibi is scared of heights so she is naturally afraid of roller coasters, but I was there to encourage her and always stood by her side and i am extremely proud she manage to conquer her fears! her first Roller Coaster ride experience was one which you’d never expect, the Superman Escape! which is probably the most extreme roller coaster in the country, and not to mention its my favourite one by far. It was probably the ride of her life, considering its her first proper roller coaster. We enjoyed it so much we went on it 3 times hahaha.

Other rides we went on were Scooby Doo – my favourite indoor roller coaster, its soooo fun! and Lethal weapon which almost knocked us unconsious, Wild West River which completely soaked us up, Bumper cars which felt like we were driving with handbrakes on, Shrek 4D, Batman and a new stunt driver show which was awsome. All in all it was one of the best day ever, very short queues and timmings just right! and very proud of chibi for going on every ride with me =)

Day 3 we went to Sea world with my family and like the previous day, the weather cleared up again =) Sea world is kinda like half a theme park, with less rides and shows/marine life making up the other half of the experience. The new ride Jet rescue deserves a mention though. Its an extremely fun and fast mini coaster where u sit in a jet ski style carriage. It starts of with quick accerlation and just for the fun of it everyone screams really loudly. I yelled so loud that I almost lost my voice at the end *cough cough* ^^”. Sea Viper roller coaster which loops several times is probably the most extreme coaster in the park, but is nothing compared to Superman so Chibi and I were just like “meh..” hehe. Some shows were good such as fish detectives but the majority were only so so as they’re more directed to kids.

It was still a fun day but a 10 hr drive awaits us at the end, we left Sea world at 5  and we began heading back to Sydney. This drive wasn’t so pleasant as we were tired and in need of a shower! but it still wasn’t that bad. My 8 yr old brother Raymond was one annoying factor, he talked so much in the car Chibi and I just got sick of as we were trying to sleep and i needed to rest to take on the driving shifts. Once he fell asleep we thought it’d be over except his snoring was louder than his talking!! Chibi tried several methods to stop him such as poking him, slapping, shaking but all to no avail…There was simply no way to stop that mini demon from making noise ~~”

Finally back in Sydney, and overall it was a fantastic trip! It felt really quick. We got home at 6am in the morning and I am totally drained from driving, so I will go catch up on some sleep now!