Dissidia – a different reality

You know you love the game when you missed a train you were waiting for as it just departed in front of you without you knowing – did that make sense?

Heres what happened:

Today i left work pretty late, and when i got to wynyard station to change trains, i arrived at my platform and learned that my next train arrives in 9 minutes. So i took out psp,  standing on the edge of the platform yellow line playing Dissidia.

Since then, my mind was focused on Cloud slashing and bashing Tidus with his huge Buster sword!…hmm but something didnt feel right, it feels like im actualling in the game… I was dashing and smashing and then there was a gust of wind, i thought it was due to the massive sword swing. Then i looked up, looking confused….. The next train arrives in 11 minutes…?

Woops…think i just missed the train


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