Blog of Jaychan Version J2

Heya all! has officially been updated to a new theme. Contents wise, nothing has changed, but from this point on, i shall be keeping the site more organised and content filled. This theme is not yet completed, i will be fixing it up as time passes, but should do for the time being.

Now first thing you will notice is….this theme is NOT blue, i repeat that one more time, it is ‘NOT BLUE’ (gives a moment for exaggerated omg reaction). This theme marks the first website of the Jaychan series to be of a color other than blue. Reason being, i would like to dedicate the color to Alteisen Reise. I thank Alteisen for recently helping me beat Super Robot Taisen OG Gaiden. 

Well thats it for now, hope you like this new theme, and hope you get use to it!


  1. This blog theme looks awesome!!! Love it!! Esp since it’s pink/red!!!

    aii aii, it would be much kinder of you to say “Reason being, i would like to dedicate the color to chibi”- instead of the robot =p I’m disappointed!!

  2. LOL…its not meant to be pink! just has shades of it, its suppose to be pure red. But ok you can have some dedication too (if that makes sense?), since u helped me out so much =)

  3. Interesting layout. I particularly like the menu on the right hand side.
    Not sure about the red triangle in top left corner though. It doesn’t seem to suite the overall feel.
    Nevertheless, good work.

  4. Thanks for the feedback Ray,

    I just noticed the background looks a bit off on Safari and firefox cuz ive been using google chrome lol.

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