A Very lucky weekend for me

February 9, 2009 at 8:16 pm

Before a begin, lets have a moment of silence for those who lost their lives in Victoria…….May you all rest in peace.

This weekend for me has been so lucky its almost scary. This of course is not related to the bushfires, so what I mean by lucky is that I have never won so much in mahjong ^^”. On Sunday I played some Mahjong with Chibi, her sister Kerry and brother Mark. During the first round i ate a few small hands b4 it was my turn to be the Dealer, and it was then I kept eating Richi hands (some were rather big) and in the end I came first by quite alot. However Kerry had to leave so we ended that round there.

Now the 2nd round is where the show begins…hehe. Part 1 of the 2nd round the tides were turned, i actually lost so much that i only had around 1000pts remaining (36000 pts total), but just when i was about to lose, tides turned again! I ate an 18000 pt hand of Chibi….yum =P and then another 10000 of Mark, both really big hands and the round ended with me having 38000 pts. From there on, my luck was almost immeasurable (if it can be measured in the first place) I missed out on an opportunity to get ‘All greens’ hand which is ultra hard, then I missed another opportunity to get “all winds” hand which is equally hard and both hands are worth MAX pts (32000 each!) Having said all that….. I still managed to eat other HUGE hands a FEW times and within a few turns I clean sweeped both Chibi and Marks pts !!!!! this has never happened b4 and I certainly have not won so much in my life!! one of my hands was like “all ‘1s and 9’s, Tui Tui, Dora 2, East wind bonus, Kong + Self drawn” which is a Bai man! and is worth 24000! (if I remembered correctly) O_O”

Sorry if that all meant nothing to you haha, pretty much all in a nutshell, I won a HELL of ALOT….Mahjong is such an interesting game ^^” too bad I dont win all the time and a few times came last with negative pts…so thats why I feel really lucky this weekend =).