Just shot the moon

Moon 300mm

I’ve been testing out my Canon 70-300 lens again and this time I chose pretty much the furthest possible visible object – The moon. When I saw this image I was just amazed by what this lens is capable of! I’ve seen lots and lots of pictures of the moon before but there’s just something really special about taking your own pics as I’ve never done this before. We see the moon with our naked eyes on most nights but all we see is a ball with a few shades of grey. It’s just fascinating that all this detail is there, just that we can’t see it.

For this picture, I had pushed my equipment to the absolute limit, taken in the full 300mm 18MP raw on my 60D. However, what you see here is already the 100% magnification. But I’m really happy with the result =)

Also here’s another HDR I took down at Lane Cove National Park during sunset

lane cove national park sunset


  1. I still can’t believe that’s a real moon!! I remember the first time you sent this picture to me I was so surprised and amazed ^^

    The Lane Cove lake looks really pretty too 🙂

    1. Thanks! I can’t wait till Mid autumn festival when the moon is HUGE and orange.

      Can’t wait to take some more shots over the long weekend =)

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