Bought my first DSLR

A DSLR camera has been on my ‘want’ list for quite a while now. Being a careful buyer, I normally won’t purchase something of substantial value without contemplating whether it is worth getting or not. But after putting much thought, I’ve decided it’s time to move to the prosumer level of photography!

So I went and got myself a Canon 60D + 17-55mm f2.8 lens =). It sports an 18MP APS-C sensor, 5.3 fps burst rate, articulated screen and can shoot 1080p video @ 25fps. The specs may seem pretty average or even subpar to some, but to me, I’ve never even dreamed of having something of this caliber in my life. As I took my first few shots, I immediately saw the potential this camera has to offer. Coming straight from a Nikon P7100 that I’ve used like a workhorse, the difference is clear. Pictures from the 60D come out MUCH sharper, more vibrant, better exposed and much much stronger depth of field. I’m gona have lots of fun playing with my new toy and I can’t wait to get out there to shoot the whole world! Looking forward to many trips to come and hopefully one day, back to Japan again =).

I must say though, the improved picture quality really has alot to do with the 17-55mm lens. It’s an incredible lens. Ultra fast and sharp, versatile, IS works like a charm and autofocus is extremely snappy. I love the lens just as much as the body. I will upload some pics soon when I have time.

Here’s my new baby =)

canon 60D + 17-55mm f/2.8
canon 60D + EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8


  1. Hey, niiice! Are you planning on getting more accessories/equipment for your new gadget?

    We should have a geeky photo day out to take some nice shots with our DSLRs 🙂

    1. Hey Emily!

      Yeah eventually I’ll be getting more accessories. I just have the 1 body and lens now haha.

      Yeah we should! it’ll be awesome =D

  2. That’s cool! I’ve been thinking of getting the ULQD-145K3, but it’s pretty expensive. Yeah, I have no idea 8).

    It’s not photography, but we still need to do the table tennis video XD.

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