Always think ‘while’ you act

April 26, 2011 at 5:27 pm

Memorizing something sounds straight forward, however, more often than not, we find our thoughts drifting away without even knowing. Let me explain:


Remember the last time when you casually check your watch to find out the exact time? You perform the action, twisting your wrist and raising your arm towards your eyes. You take a quick glance at the numbers before almost immediately lowering your arm back to the natural position. 5 minutes later you wonder what the time is but was sure you only checked it a moment ago. This is an example of performing an action on a subconscious level – meaning your mind wasn’t there, it was purely muscle memory.


So to get to the point, I believe that the things we do everyday, big or small, we should really apply ourselves in a more careful manner and have our conscious minds with us at all times. I am a lazy person, as I know that far too often I do things on a sub-conscious level. I am reading a novel and I must get into the habit of reading and understanding the words as oppose to just ‘reading the words’. I watch the news and I must get into the habit of understanding what’s happening as oppose to watching moving graphics on the screen. I must switch on my mind! I think that’s how we become smarter =)