My new companion – Loppy!

October 9, 2011 at 2:28 pm

I use to have a homebred baby rabbit called White Paws. It came as a surprise because I felt my rabbits were no longer fertile to have babies as they have already passed the breeding age. White Paws brought me much joy and reminded me how much I love rabbits. Because I’m so busy these days, I haven’t been spending much time if any at all with my little animals. Sadly, White Paws passed away recently at the age of 8 months and has left me feeling really empty. Since then, something felt missing from life. I would walk towards the door to my backyard with the feeling of a sense of purpose. But there was none, because White Paws is no longer there. They say a dog is a mans best friend, but to me, White Paws was my best friend.

grey dwarf rabbit

So I decided for in remembrance of White Paws, I went to seek another companion. At first I had in mind that I wanted a plain grey dwarf bunny that resembled White Paws. I looked around many places starting off at my local Padstow Pet Shop. Unfortunately every place I went didn’t have any that matched my criteria. They all had different spots around them and interestingly around 50% were plain black. I had almost lost all hope but there was 1 shop left to check out. There I met Loppy! – a unique brown/orange colour baby mini lop which instantly won my heart! Sitting quietly in the corner along with 2 other plain grey dwarfs – That’s right, ‘2 other plain grey dwarfs’!. I thought that this is truly my lucky day as I could not believe that sitting in front of me were 2 rabbits that I had been seeking for such a long time and an extremely adorable mini lop! It was a tough decision to make as I was only prepared to purchase one. But in the end I felt that White Paws could never really be replaced. I shouldn’t be choosing a rabbit just so it can be the next White Paws, because that can never happen. So finally I chose the mini lop because I felt I should follow my heart. Then I named him Loppy due to the ears =) really cute stuff!


Loppy now lives in white paws’ old home. On the first day he was really nervous, sticking to the corner like glue. Bhibi and i kept trying to feed it but it would not respond.
mini lop rabbit

But after spending more time with Loppy it is now as energetic as ever! Really friendly and tame =) sometimes it would dash around randomly and do a binky. He is never shy for a pat and loves to play with people.

The cutest thing about it is when you wave your arm at it, he will generally respond instantly and run towards you. Loppy loves his new home and welcomes anyone who wants a visit =)